Vore From My Eyes

February 21, 2014

This is a big move for me, as I don’t know who will be reading this and whether or not I’ll be looked down upon for it, but one thing is for sure, admitting it doesn’t make me any less of a saved man than I am. I know I said I was discontinuing the blog and moving to DA, but circumstances the past couple of years have gotten me to change my mind. Maybe I’ll revive the blogging or something. Maybe I’ll post more fiction here, as I’ve been doing a ton of that. But anyway, I’ll just get started with the topic here.

    So, there is something that I’ve been on the fence about for years. I’ve struggled with it and fought with it, but never really could completely control it. Well, it’s not one thing, but a few. But I will focus on a major part of it in this topic. That part is vorarephilia, or in short, vore.
    Vorarephilia is getting sexual pleasure from eating another being, being eaten by another being, or just simply observing the process. There are two basic sides to vore: predator and prey. Some people strongly favor the predator, or pred, side. Some strongly favor the prey side. As for myself, I tend to fall into a bit of both. Within this fetish are many branches, only a few of which I will get into, due to not only being relevant to me, but also for appropriateness. I do not feel comfortable in explaining certain types of vore that are out there, and I, myself, am not aroused by those types. First, I will explain in brief two main types: hard vore and soft vore. Hard vore is bloody and sometimes gorey, and I am in no way aroused by any of that, a fact that I am extremely thankful for. That leaves the opposite side, and the much more diverse side, soft vore. It is a vore type that is much easier on the eyes (and my stomach) and both the pred and prey are often alive through most of the process, if not the entire process. Vore is carried out by a variety of entities, be it animals, much like in real life (though most of that falls under hard vore), furries (bipedal humanlike beings that have animal features), or simply humans. These can often be mixed and matched, but I lean toward human soft vore. There are also several branches of vore types that are simply entryways (the mouth, for instance), but for the sake of keeping things appropriate, the mouth will be the only entryway I will be talking about, basically the same thing as eating food at the dinner table. Particularly, I am most into accidental/unaware same-size soft vore, in which one human accidentally swallows the other. This is a bit rare, as accidental vore is mostly limited to prey that is much smaller than the pred. There is also consensual and non-consensual, basically meaning if there is actual sex involved. I do my very best to stay away from consensual vore material, as it can be a turn-off trying to get past the whole process before the actual vore happens. There is also one more vore type that is about as rare as accidental vore, and that is multi vore, in which one of three things might happen: a pred swallows two prey, and one prey swallows the other inside the pred’s stomach; one pred eats a prey but then gets swallowed up by another pred soon after (with the original prey still alive), and one pred actively swallowing the prey while being swallowed by another pred. The last one in particular arouses me the most.
    People who do not have this fetish often compare vorarephiles to cannibals, which is a highly debatable topic, which I will not get started with. However, I will set up the foundation for my stance by saying this is strictly a fantasy fetish. The vore I have mentioned is not even remotely possible, given the structure and elasticity (or lack thereof) of our bodies. It pains me to read about people bashing those who have this fetish, because those who do didn’t choose it, and unless their willpower is even greater than mine, cannot completely control it. In short, it cannot be naturally helped. Like I said, I’ve struggled with this for years, and I am just now learning how to use it to my advantage rather than either trying to fight it or let it take over me. And by the way, I have, on multiple occasions, tried to stop cold-turkey. Long story short, my willpower crumbled within a week, and I was back to the usual mess. And then there are those nights where I simply do not have internet access, so my dreams often supply the vore then. This happened both nights when I was on vacation, away from the craziness that is the internet.
    On that note, one might ask, “How DO you take a fantasy fetish and use it to your advantage?” First off, I limit it to within an hour’s block of time, and I do it only in the late night before I go to bed. Secondly, while I don’t outright speak about this in public (because that would be quite foolish), I could cautiously and discreetly blend it in to a normal conversation in a tasteful manner without it being in any way arousing, mostly by being silly about it, so that no one thinks I am crazier than I already display that I am. One way I managed to successsfully incorporate it safely into the public was through a game of Uno. Now, the people I play with are merciless (just the way I like it). I pick whoever is to the left or to the right of me to be my “prey”, and I will use that word every so often during the game, maybe saying something silly like “nom, sir” when I start firing my Draw Two cards at the poor unfortunate victim. Oh, rest assured, I lose more than I win, so all is well. Now that I think about it, a vore version of Uno would actually be pretty fun! Well, as long as no one takes the game too seriously and outright tries to eat the other players! I have other plans for when I finally get married, but that’s a long way off. It’s quite harmless, actually. It’s just mostly playing tag somewhere and maybe put part of her arm in my mouth (making sure the teeth don’t get involved, though).
    So, what do I think about vore? Well, first of all, I want to take a quote I read on the internet, and that is being “the ultimate form of closeness.” It actually gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about it. I mean, imagine being inside this small moist room and you hear a heart beat, and you hear someone’s voice, and you can feel the world around you move on occasion. Sounds a bit familiar, right? Ya know, except it’s not in the stomach. It actually sounds a lot more natural, when it’s put that way. I wonder if there is a way I can best simulate such an experience of being inside another person without actually being inside. But beyond making use of a fantasy fetish, I don’t really know the true purpose of its existence in my life. I could say it is one of those “humbling forces”, like the Apostle Paul’s pride, which he had been praying multiple times to get rid of. However, I think there is more to it than that, and I believe I will learn more as life goes on.
    So, that is one dark secret I have released into the wild that is the world wide web. I haven’t spoken to anyone else of this matter, mainly because there is virtually no one around me who can handle something like this, not even my best friend. While there are web sites for this sort of thing, I feel uncomfortable walking into them, even if I went as incognito as possible, because I tend to interpret this very much differently from others, and that interpretation might get me ostricized (an experience I am sadly all too familiar with). So, this is the vore fetish from my eyes. While I hope no one who locally knows me reads this, I hope that those that do have an understanding of what it feels like to have the fetish.


Discontinuing Blog Activity

September 1, 2011

Since I have been here for over a couple years now and have not had anything to blog about, I decided to announce that I will no longer be doing anything on this site. If I do make blogs about something, it will be on my DeviantART account, user name SWAnimus01. So, adios and stuff. Also, I am primarily active on YouTube, so check out my channel, also with the same username.

Chapter 9: Counteroffensive and Corrunderus

May 10, 2011

 This is it! The final chapter of Spirit Warriors! Animus’s journey comes to and end here. However, it is not the end of my desire to make stories. I plan on doing more at some point. It kinda has a bittersweet ending, but I really enjoyed making the events that led up to the final battle.

Chapter 9: Counteroffensive and Corrunderus

“I have to say, Dirk, that is quite an amazing suit of armor you’re wearing. You remind me of a dragoon from a Final Fantasy game, even,” Animus said to Dirk.

“So, this is what it feels like to fight as a spirit warrior in human form. I feel so amazing! I bet I could fly around the world and make it back here in less than an hour!” Dirk exclaimed, admiring his new form.

“I suggest you save your energy for the final battle, Dirk. We don’t know how powerful Corrunderus may be. He could be just as powerful as we are, if not more so. We need to be in top form,” Mentivis replied.

At that moment, Animus glanced at Melina for a split second and looked back in his original direction toward Mentivis. “How much time do you think we have? I still have things to do before we head out.”

“This will be a longshot, but I would say a week. We may have decimated his main army, but he may still have some demons in reserve. A week is not only just enough time for us to prepare; it is also enough time for Corrunderus to prepare. Let’s make the most of this short time while we have it, and…” Mentivis turned his attention to Dirk “…make sure we don’t overwork ourselves.”

“What? You think I’m gonna spend an entire week in the simulator?” Dirk asked.

“Well, considering that you probably got the biggest change of all of us, you were probably planning on going all-out with your new powers and exhausting yourself.”

“…Dang. You know me too well.”

The first day came, and the spirit warriors dedicated themselves to preparing for the final fight. Dirk and Mentivis were training together in the simulator, while Animus and Melina watched them on the monitor. The two warriors were battling waves after waves of demons in a ruined city.

“So, I lost count. What wave was this, again?” Dirk asked, while slicing through several demons with his claw staff.

“Uhh… eight, I think,” Mentivis answered as he fired large needles of ice at a bunch of demons.

“Just eight? I want to go at least twenty,” Dirk replied as he dispatched the remaining demons.

“What was I saying about conserving your energy, Dirk? We have no chance if we are too tired to fight.”

The ninth wave commenced, and more demons spawned around them. Dirk rushed toward a group of them at lightning speed. However, as soon as he was about to strike, a buzzer rang, and the demons disappeared, along with the entire battlefield. They now found themselves back at the base.

“Uhh… what just happened?” Dirk asked, baffled.

“I had the time limit set to an hour when you weren’t looking. You need to consider resting every so often.”

“Dang it! I can’t get away with anything anymore, can I?”

Animus and Melina stepped into the simulation chamber as Mentivis prepared the combat simulation. They found themselves in the same ruined city as the one from Dirk and Mentivis’s combat training. The two warriors progressed wave after wave until they came to Wave 6. As Animus kept slaying demons, his eyes turned toward Melina, who was also slaying demons, almost as many as he did, so far. However, he noticed a demon coming down from directly above Melina.

“Melina! Look out!” Animus yelled as he sprinted toward her as fast as he possibly could.

“What?” Melina stopped what she was doing to find Animus running toward her. All of a sudden, she saw the shadow of the demon and turned around. She was petrified with fear, seeing the demon about to strike her down. Animus jumped and slid on the ground and readied a Cluster Blast, firing it before the demon made it to her. However, Melina was too close to the blast and was launched several feet away, landing on her back. Animus felt the heat of his Cluster Blast and had it not been a simulation, would have been scorched.

“Animus!” Mentivis shouted into the microphone in the simulation chamber. “You can’t overexert yourself like that! You could’ve killed both yourself and Melina in the process!”

Because both warriors were down, the simulation ended early. Animus quickly got out of the device and proceeded toward his room, when Mentivis stopped him.

“Melina would’ve been all right. If you’d just left her alone, she…”

“I can’t! I just can’t!” Animus interrupted as he brushed Mentivis aside and moved on. Dirk and Melina came up to Mentivis shortly afterward.

“What’s gotten into him?” Dirk asked.

“Whatever it is, it just revealed itself. I’d best go talk to him. Melina, come with me. Whatever he doesn’t tell me, he’s sure to tell you.”

Melina, shaken up by the incident, nodded and proceeded to Animus’s quarters alongside Mentivis.

As the two approached Animus’s room, Melina whispered quietly to Mentivis.

“Let me talk to him.”

Mentivis nodded and stayed behind as Melina knocked on Animus’s door. There was no answer.

“Animus, may I come in?”

A muffled voice answered, “Sure.” Melina walked in to find Animus lying on his bed with his face to his pillow.


“What?” Animus replied, still with his head to his pillow.

“…Thank you.”

Animus turned to look at Melina. He was sad, but his face shown a more disappointed look.

“For what? Killing you in the simulation?”

Melina calmly replied, “For trying to rescue me. I know you didn’t succeed, but you risked everything to save me. Don’t be ashamed of yourself.”

“I can’t help myself, Melina. I just can’t stop worrying about you. I don’t even know if I’m going to lose you again.”

“I can take care of myself, Animus. You don’t need to look after me. Promise me that you won’t worry about me anymore.”

Animus was silent for a moment, then said, “I promise.” Melina hugged Animus and left his room.

The second day arrived, and Animus spent much time thinking to himself in his room. He didn’t feel like simulation training, and yesterday’s mood was still with him.


Animus broke from his thoughts to listen to the familiar voice. “I’m here.”

“You seem to show some doubt of your own skill as a warrior. Take your sword out of its sheath,” the voice said.

Animus took his sword from his sheath as the voice told him.

“Now, hold your sword out in front of you and look at the hilt. What is the shape of the hilt?”

Puzzled, Animus replied, “A ‘V’.”

“Now, what’s the first word to come to your mind that starts with the letter ‘V’?”

“Uhmm… Victory, I guess.”

The voice answered in a pleased tone, “Remember that you are not only wielding a sword. You are also wielding Victory, itself. You will do well.” At the moment, the voice was no longer heard.

“He’s right. I shouldn’t doubt my skill as a spirit warrior. Especially not when I’ve come this far. The upcoming battle has already been decided. Now all we have to do is play our roles and follow through to the battle’s decision.” Animus felt a new wave of confidence as he stepped out of his room to join the others in a game of Brawl.

The third day came quickly, and Animus began to worry about the constant running down of time.

“(There are five days left,)” Animus thought to himself. “(I need to get this out of the way before time is up.)”

Animus went to Melina, who was watching a show on TV. On the outside, it looked like she was entertained. However, she felt a similar anxiety of the diminishing time.


Melina turned from the TV toward Animus. “Oh, hi Animus! You look better!” Melina said as she smiled.

“It’s a beautiful day out. Do you want to go to our favorite spot, today?”

Melina’s smile broadened as she heard this. “Oh, absolutely!”

On the cliff that held many of their memories, they looked toward the placid ocean reflecting the sun like a mirror.

“Melina, remember that day we met?”

“Oh, yes! I was a little nervous, at first. I mean, you just suddenly appeared. But you were so kind.”

“I thought it would be nice to reflect back at those memories. I want to remember how it felt like my heart wanted to burst out of my body to be with your heart. Heh. Now that I think about it, I couldn’t get you off my mind. I’ve lost sleep for several days in a row. I felt pain, because I had a very strong desire to be with you.”

“You’d be surprised at how I thought of you, at first. I thought you just wanted to be around me for my four arms,” Melina giggled.

Animus’s face turned a bit red for a moment, but it was more of a blush. “Well, I was worried that I was lusting after you after that first time. I mean, four arms. I’m curious at how you were able to use them all without getting all klutzy. It must be difficult to concentrate on what each arm is doing at the same time.”

Melina smiled as she responded, “Well, it was an interesting experience trying to use these arms, at first. Mentivis, well, he and I saw each other as spirit warriors that very first time. I mean, he was brave enough to come running to my room telling me about his powers, while I was struggling to get out of a knot I made with my arms. I had no idea which hand I was supposed to let go first.”

Melina paused for a moment to give both of them some time to laugh at that moment. “I was on the floor, face redder than a tomato, and he was standing there doing the biggest facepalm of the century!”

Melina paused again, for they could not control themselves in their laughter. After the laughter died down, Melina continued her story.

“So, yeah. After Mentivis was done with that, he helped me get my hands untied. I could’ve just gone as a normal human being with two arms between battles, but by the time Dirk built the base, I became so used to having this many arms that I decided to stay as a spirit warrior just to try my arms out around the base, doing household tasks much faster.”

Animus felt so relaxed, listening to Melina’s story, that he decided to ask a question about her spirit warrior form. “Melina, when I became a spirit warrior, I was a knight, because that is what I imagined myself to be. Were you the same way?”

“Actually, yes. I used to draw things all the time. A lot of them were of me as a powerful warrior with four arms. She did magic with two arms and held her weapons with the other two.”

Animus thought to himself, “(I could’ve sworn I’ve seen something like that on the web back in the day. I’m actually still kinda scared to admit it. I mean, I know she would hate to have her pictures lusted after… Man, that last thought just creeped me out. I don’t want to have anything to do with lust ever again, especially when I know she’s the one.)”

“Animus?” Melina spoke as she looked at him, who apparently was fixed like a statue. “Animus!” Melina snapped her fingers in front of him, breaking his thoughts in two.

“Whoah, what? I… Oh. Sorry, Melina. I just hit some not-so-pleasant memories that surfaced on me. They’re gone, now.”

“Thanks to me, I bet!” Melina smiled.

Animus smiled back. “Heh, yeah. Thanks.”

The fourth day arrived, and even Mentivis was feeling uneasy. He sat alone in the War Room, thinking about how to engage Corrunderus. Having spent about an hour already, he was ready to move on to something else. It was then that Dirk walked in.

“I thought I’d find you here, Mentivis. You’re the only one I know who would sit alone in a dark room while the rest of us enjoy the weather outside. Melina wanted me to come ask you if you’d like to join us for a picnic. She and Animus are already bringing the food and drinks.”

Mentivis looked up at Dirk, thought for a a second or two and smiled. “Yeah. I’ll be more than happy to come with you guys. (That would help me clear my head, though Melina would have a fit if she caught me thinking about work during a time of relaxing.)”

The four warriors arrived at a beach about 15 miles south of the base. They were all dressed in normal clothing, enjoying a nice lunch of sandwiches, pickles, and potato chips.

“I never realized there was a very nice beach here,” Mentivis said before biting into a turkey sandwich.

“Well, maybe you should come outside more,” Melina answered with a grin.

“Melina pointed it out to me when we were coming back from a trip,” Animus added.

Dirk wanted to join in, but he was too busy nomming on pickles from a very large jar. Animus was amazed as he watched Dirk down what looked to be his fourth pickle.

“Dang, man. Where’re you putting ’em all?”

Dirk quickly swallowed to respond to Animus’s question. “I can’t help but enjoy pickles. I’m a sucker for anything that involves vinegar.”

After lunch, Animus decided to build a nice sandcastle on the beach. Dirk was sunbathing, and Mentivis was, as always, meditating on something. As Animus was getting towers built on his sandcastle, he noticed that Melina had gone up to him. She was wearing a bathing suit.

“Do you want to swim with me, Animus?”

Animus’s mind instantly went into a power struggle, seeing Melina in that bathing suit. He felt that it was all right to look upon her, while he felt the fear that grew within him during his many fights with lust, back in the day.

“Uhh.. s-sure. I’ll join you,” Animus answered, very nervous about this situation.

“Come on, I’ll hold your hand,” Melina said, noticing Animus’s nervousness.

At that, Animus just thought “to heck with it” and held her hand without hesitation.

“(Why do I need to be nervous about all this? She’s the one. I shouldn’t be nervous about seeing her like that. It feels funny doing this, but it’s better than cowering in fear of something completely pointless.)”

The two walked toward the water, hands held firmly to each other.

The appointed day of attack was getting closer, and the fifth day has risen. Animus and Melina were in the simulation chamber again, battling demons in waves.

“(I can’t get worried about her, this time. I must let things go. She’ll be all right if I don’t interfere.)” This thought echoed throughout Animus’s mind during his training. He turned around to find Melina fighting demons, as well. Suddenly, a demon came from above, much like last time. Animus quickly began to run, but stopped.

“(Come on, Animus. Self-control. You can’t interfere!)”

As he paused to watch the demon slowly descend upon Melina, he saw her look down, turn toward the demon, and blast it to pieces with energy beams.

“…Maybe I have been worrying way too much,” Animus said aloud.

Much of the remaining time of that day was spent on training, though the warriors went on periodic breaks for both them and the simulation machine to cool down.

The sixth day has come, and the warriors sat down in the living room area to talk.

“So, I forgot. Which day do we strike? Tomorrow, or the next day?” Dirk asked Mentivis.

“We should strike tomorrow. I don’t think we can afford any more time beyond that,” Mentivis answered.

“(Tomorrow! I need to get this plan done today!)” Animus thought to himself. “Mentivis, is it okay for me to take Melina out to dinner, just the two of us?”

“Sure, I have no problem in that,” Mentivis answered.

Melina couldn’t help but feel something was up in Animus’s mind.

Later that day, Animus spoke to Mentivis privately in his room.

“Uhmm, Mentivis. Since you’re the one who looks after Melina, I wanted to ask you this question,” Animus said, nervously.

Mentivis was puzzled as he answered, “Go ahead and ask.”

After a bit of a struggle with his tongue, Animus managed to say, “I would like to propose to Melina at dinner tonight.”

Hearing this blew Mentivis away. He was stunned at this question.

“I’m… uhhh… well… okay with that. I guess I’m so used to you and Melina being so close that I didn’t even think about what’ll happen next. I believe you’ll make a fine husband for Melina. You two share a very strong connection to each other, as well. Now that I feel more comfortable, yes. Go ahead and propose to her. I’m eager to see you two as a couple.”

Animus couldn’t contain his excitement. “Thank you, Mentivis! I promise I’ll be the best husband to her as I can possibly be!” On that note, Animus left Mentivis’s room to take Melina out to dinner.

After dinner, Animus and Melina agreed to return to the cliff one last time before the great battle.

“I wonder what will happen when this battle is over,” Animus thought aloud as he watched the setting sun.

“Maybe it’s ‘happily ever after’?” Melina suggested.

“Maybe. I’ve grown so fond of my abilities as a spirit warrior, it wouldn’t feel right to be normal again.”

“Maybe we’ll get to keep them.”

Animus turned toward Melina. “I love you, no matter what.”

Melina turned to look at Animus. “I love you, too.”

“Melina, have you thought about what you plan to do once this is all over?”

“Well, I kinda avoided thinking about it. I wasn’t nearly as happy back then. And then we met. I don’t want to return to my old life.”

“Then, I guess you wouldn’t mind me asking this question.” Animus knelt down on one knee to Melina and held out a small box. As he opened it, he spoke the words to Melina: “Will you marry me?”

Melina was breathless at the sight of this. To think they would be together forever was beyond her wildest dreams. She could be just as happy after the final battle, if not moreso. Finally, she made up her mind.

“Yes! I will!” At that moment, Animus and Melina kissed as the sun continued to set.

The day of the final battle arrived, and everyone gathered in the war room after brunch. The teleporter was in the room, ready to be activated at a moment’s notice. Dirk was tweaking the device to make sure it was communicating with the teleporter at Corrunderus’s lair.

“Dirk, are we ready?” Mentivis asked.

“Everything is all set. We should be able to return here via the teleporter at Corrunderus’s base.”

Mentivis turned toward Animus and Melina, who were holding hands. “Animus, Melina, are you both ready?”

“I say ‘Let’s do this!'” Animus proclaimed.

“I’m ready!” Melina chimed in.

“Then let’s go. It’s time to finish this war.”

All four warriors successfully teleported to Corrunderus’s lair. The place was dark and ruined, thanks to Animus’s previous trips. They entered the main hallway to find it deserted.

“Man, we really did wipe out the whole lot of ’em,” Dirk said.

“Something’s not right, here. The space station is far too small to hold the many demons we fought. Where else were they coming from?” Mentivis spoke.

“I guess we’ll get the answer from Corrunderus, himself,” Animus answered.

The warriors quietly approached the door to the bridge of the space station without any attacks from demons.

“This was too easy. What is Corrunderus planning?” Mentivis whispered.

“I hope it’s his funeral, because we’re going to end him hard,” Dirk answered.

Then Animus came up with an idea. “Maybe it’s best that we split up. Dirk and I can take on Corrunderus, while you and Melina search for any traps.”

“No. We’re going in together. Any lack of manpower can be a fatal mistake,” Mentivis answered.

“And I’d like to know why you’re not inviting me along. Not only am I a healer, but I’m also going to be your wife!” Melina shouted at Animus.

Mentivis quickly covered Melina’s mouth after that statement. “Darnit, Melina. Corrunderus probably knows we’re here, now. Shush!”

Melina slapped Mentivis’s hand off her mouth and just glared.

“I guess it’s settled. We all go in,” Dirk said. “Any more hesitation will just get us shaken up.”

The four warriors entered the bridge, where Corrunderus was waiting for them.

“Even without that girl’s help, I knew you were waiting behind that door. Experience agonizing pain and fear!” Corrunderus raised his scythe and began to charge toward the warriors.

Dirk, always enjoying a challenge, went up first. He quickly split his staff in two and swung around one end over his head. As soon as Corrunderus got close, Dirk threw the end of the staff at his scythe, causing it to wrap around and latch on. The leader of the demons struggled to get his scythe free, while at the same time, Mentivis and Animus flanked him on both sides. Mentivis fired ice shots, while Animus fired energy shots. As Corrunderus suffered under the attacks of Mentivis and Animus, his horns began to light up. Melina quickly knew that something was up and immediately shielded all of them as Corrunderus released thunder bolts from all directions.

Corrunderus felt that it was futile to pull his sycthe out of the grip of Dirk’s staff, so he charged toward him, causing Animus and Mentivis to accidentally hit each other with their own shots. Dirk retaliated by dashing right past Corrunderus, moving too fast for a counterattack. However, upon doing so, his staff unlatched from the scythe.

“All right everyone, concentrate all your firepower on him!” Mentivis shouted.

Animus held his arms out, gathering energy in his palms. “YUUKI…KOUSEN!” He brought his palms together to make a more powerful energy beam than his enerugikousen.

Dirk held out his hands in front of him to where the claws from his gloves looked like the teeth of a dragon. “Feel the power of the dragon’s roar! DRACOKOUSEN!” Immediately from his hands fired a powerful beam.

Mentivis brought his hands together and focused hard until an energy ball was formed in them. “MENTIKOUSEN!” Mentivis fired his own beam of energy at the demon.

Melina focused all four hands in front of her chest. “This is the power that comes from the heart! IKIKOUSEN!” Immediately, an intense beam of energy fired from her into the enemy.

The combination of all of these beams left Corrunderus weakened. But, as soon as the beams subsided, he quickly fired blasts of dark energy in every direction, hitting every warrior on the battlefield. All of the warriors were flung into walls behind them.

“You gotta be kidding me! What kind of demon can survive that?!” Animus shouted in amazement.

“A DEAD one!” Dirk got up and charged at Corrunderus. Corrunderus quickly swung with his scythe, preparing to decapitate Dirk. However, on excellent timing, Dirk stopped the scythe with one end of his staff. But before he could attack with the other end, Corrunderus fired a dark beam of energy at point blank, knocking him into another wall.

As Dirk was charging the demon, Mentivis readied another attack. As soon as Dirk was thrown into the wayside, Mentivis launched a spinning ball of energy around Corunderus. However, it was quickly destroyed by a swing from Corrunderus’s staff.

But as Mentivis was distracting Corrunderus, Animus readied his own attack. “CLUSTER BLAST!” Animus launched a powerful ball of energy at Corrunderus. As it made contact with Corrunderus, it exploded, but Corrunderus appeared unscathed.

“To be fair, I couldn’t use a really powerful one in this sort of place,” Animus sighed.

“Any more plans, Mentivis?” Dirk called from the corner.

“One more plan!” Mentivis answered. “Weapons ready!” Mentivis used telekinesis on his staff and surrounded it with ice needles. Animus focused his power into his sword, causing it to glow. Dirk put his staff back together and prepared for another dash attack. Melina held her staff high above her.

A powerful beam was released from Melina’s staff and paralyzed Corrunderus, while Mentivis launched his staff in his direction. Animus followed up by releasing powerful energy waves from slashing with his sword. After the other three were done, Dirk charged at Corrunderus one last time, piercing his body armor with his staff.

“All right! Fatal blow!” Dirk cheered.

“Not yet, fool.” Corrunderus blasted Dirk away and removed the staff from his chest.

“How can you still be fighting?!” Animus shouted in amazement.

“I am not like those weaklings you defeated with little effort. I am a veteran of innumerable wars. If that is all the effort you can muster, then this battle has ended for you.”

“D…darn it!!!” Dirk shouted in pain as Melina hurried over to heal him.

Animus and Mentivis went in to strike Corrunderus with their weapons while evading the swings of his scythe. However, both were thrown toward Melina and Dirk.

“Enough toying around. I’ll destroy you, along with this space station!” Corrunderus held out his arms and began to glow in a dark aura.

“Animus, I have an idea, but it will require a split in manpower. Dirk and I are going to find the control room and activate the self-destruct mechanism on this thing,” Mentivis said.

“How do you know there’s a self-destruct mechanism?” Animus asked.

“This was a government project at one point. If it was in danger of falling into enemy hands, one man would stand by to activate it. However, this had been abandoned for supposedly unknown reasons.”

“How do we know if it will work?”

“That’s what I haven’t worked out yet. Presumably, even demons can’t survive the vacuum of space. That’s why the teleporter was required. I’m hoping it works on Corrunderus.”

“So then all Melina and I have to do is stall him.”

“Yes,” Mentivis answered. “Get ready! He’s just about done changing!”

Mentivis and Dirk left the bridge, while Animus and Melina stayed behind to engage the now much larger and scarier Corrunderus, who can now barely fit inside the bridge.

Animus turned toward Melina. “Melina, go with them! If I lose you, it won’t matter if I win!”

“Are you crazy?!” Melina shouted. “Don’t you think it would be the same thing for me?!”

“Just run! I’ll be fine!” Animus shouted harder.

“Y..you…” Tears streamed down Melina’s face. “Idiot! Fine! I’m leaving!” Melina ran out of the bridge still in tears.

“Aren’t you a sweetheart?” Corrunderus sneered. “I’ll take care of your friends later. Let’s see if you can survive the same vacuum of space you once dove to earth through.” Corrunderus stretched his arms and legs out and destroyed the bridge around him, causing the air to be sucked into the void of space. Animus found something to hold onto and held it as tight as he possibly can to avoid getting sucked away. However, he was losing air fast. All of a sudden, a celestial being appeared and shielded him with an oxygen bubble. Though, Animus still could not stand a chance against the more powerful Corrunderus.

“How can you possibly breathe?!” Animus called to Corrunderus. “There’s no way you can survive!”

“You humans always need an explanation for everything. You thought we could not survive in space. If we couldn’t, we would not have gotten here in the first place. The teleporter was merely used to make sure my henchmen attacked in the target area.”

Meanwhile, Melina was still running to find where Mentivis and Dirk had gone. Two celestial beings appeared before her.

“Return to Animus. He needs your help.”

“He doesn’t need me! He wants to do it by himself!” Melina answered in frustration. Another two celestial beings appeared before her.

“Corrunderus will win if you do not hurry. Mentivis’s plan will fail.”

“Huh?!” Melina reacted in surprise.

“Go. We will aid you.”

Melina ran back to the bridge to help Animus. Around that time, Dirk and Mentivis made it to the control room.

“Ok, Dirk, I assume you know what to do here.”

“Boy, do I!” Dirk exclaimed. “I can set this space station to make me a pizza if I wanted.”

“Just set it to self-destruct. I’ll use telepathy to let Animus know we’ve arrived.

Back on the bridge, Animus was struggling to keep his grip. Suddenly, Melina returned, and two celestial beings have grabbed on to her to keep her from getting sucked into space. They also created an oxygen barrier around her for protection. The remaining two celestial beings assisted the one helping Animus by holding his feet firmly on the ground.

“Melina,” one of the beings called. “Hold up your staff and lend all of your power to Animus. Once he has regained his strength, focus your energy to make a shield for him.”

Melina did as she was told and gave her power to Animus.

“Now, Animus. Prepare to be let go. Strengthen your sword with all your power.”

Animus put all his power into his sword. Once it hit its peak, Animus was launched toward Corrunderus, aided by the vacuum of space.

“No! Even if you destroy me, you cannot avoid your fates!” Corrunderus yelled as Animus got closer toward him.

“For everyone who suffered by your hand. For Melina. For my Lord! I will destroy you!” Animus yelled as he swung downward with his sword. As he swung his sword, a powerful beam three times the length of Corrunderus emanated from the sword’s tip. As the beam went downward, it cleaved Corrunderus in two, utterly destroying him and vanishing into a large puff of black and purple smoke. The two celestial beings who released him came to hold him again to bring him back to the space station.

After Animus and Melina left the bridge, the celestial beings departed by unknown means and were not seen again. An alarm suddenly went off throughout the station.


“He’s done it. We must meet up with them!” Animus told Melina. However, it had not even been a minute before Dirk and Mentivis arrived to meet with them.

“Don’t think we didn’t get to see ol’ big an’ ugly while you were off fighting him! Nice work, Animus!” Dirk exclaimed joyfully.

“No time to celebrate, yet. Let’s get out of here!” Mentivis called to the other warriors. They immediately ran toward the teleporter and escaped.

The warriors finally found themselves back in the war room in their base. Animus and Melina were about ready to pass out from all the energy they used up.

“We did it. It’s finally over.” Mentivis said to himself.

“All right! Let’s break out the festivities and party all night long!” Dirk yelled out.

“Dirk, I think we ought to wait until those two lovebirds wake up, first.” Mentivis motioned Dirk to look down to find Animus and Melina sleeping on the ground in front of them.

A moment later, when Animus and Melina were awake again, they gathered together in the war room to celebrate their victory. Suddenly, a voice called out to each of them.

“Well done, brave warriors. You have crippled the enemy’s plans. They no longer have the numbers to cause devastation to our army in the final battle. Not only that, you have severely weakened their morale by winning even the most difficult battles with just the four of you.”

“The final battle? You mean there’s more?” Dirk asked.

“Armageddon. But that will not be for a while. You may keep your powers for your enjoyment, so long as you don’t misuse them.”

Shortly after, Animus and Melina finally got married. They moved out of the base to enjoy a home of their own. Dirk and Mentivis, now close friends, stayed in the base to keep it tidy. Occasionally, they would visit each other and catch up on things that had gone by since. Dirk and Mentivis had been looking for their own “special someones”, as well, and later, finally found them. Some time later, Mentivis moved out of the base and left it at the hands of Dirk and his new wife. Unknown to the Spirit Warriors, however, their actions and Corrunderus’s deception will, in a few years, cost them their lives to humans who have wrongly accused them of war crimes and possessing WMDs, which were never found. It was shortly after that the world began to move into a new age, led by the Devil, himself. However, as the spirit warriors all know, his war was already decided by their victory over Corrunderus.