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My thoughts on Glenn Martin, DDS

August 18, 2009

I was unsure whether or not to make a blog out of this, but two reasons got me to go on with it: 1) Nickelodeon was my #1 favorite channel as a kid, and to see that show gives me strong feelings about their decision to air such a show, and 2) I should not keep silent about my opinion on this, since Nickelodeon is a channel that is aimed at children and families, in general.

When I first saw Glenn Martin, DDS advertised on Nickelodeon, I was thinking “This doesn’t look like its target audience is children.” Today, however, when I saw the intro to the actual show, the show’s target audience was clear: it was aimed at adults. I was disgusted for two reasons: 1) Nickelodeon actually sank low enough to allow an adult show on a channel that is aimed at children, and 2) It came on in the early evening (7 PM), not even close to the time many people begin to sleep.

I know Nickelodeon lost a lot of quality shows since my childhood, but I still respected it for not airing adult shows. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon makes this move, pretty much casting my respect for it out the window. Now, it makes me wonder about what I’ve heard about Spongebob having adult humor slipped into it. I’m beginning to think that adult humor was truly intentionally slipped into a kids’ cartoon. At first, I thought it was just people with dirty minds making these claims, but I think I’m convinced, now, that Nickelodeon may soon have more shows geared toward adults.

Nickelodeon, I thought you were better than this.