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Just a Small Heads Up

November 27, 2009

I’ve been working on that Animus story for a while now, and I might start releasing a chapter of it each month, starting December. However, first thing that will be posted is the prologue, (or more accurately, the story behind the characters) so don’t expect the actual story to come until January 2010. (Man, it doesn’t matter how close it is, 2010 still sounds like it’s a Jetsons year.) Now, I’m the mathematical type, so don’t expect the greatest thing since Tom Sawyer (or another well-known book). I’ve been typing out this story to take my imagination and turn it into something I can read. Then again, it is kinda fun. It’s like having a second life, or something, especially if the author’s main character is supposed to resemble him. So, uhh… I’m going to just cut it here, so I won’t have to alter the post title a bit. 😛

But before I go, I’ll just put in a little intro to the story.

Spirit Warriors

A young man lives out his daily life until he is called for a very special purpose. To carry out the purpose, he becomes a Spirit Warrior and fights demons. However, he will not be alone, as he will work together with three friends to obtain eight special medallions.

Progress as of 11/27/09: Middle of Chapter 5


Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?

November 26, 2009

This question was brought up in church, last Sunday. When I heard the question, ideas poured into my head: friends, a relationship with the Lord, family, just about anything. I proceeded to try to find a way to sum things up, but something special came to mind: free will.

As I thought about the idea, it quickly became my choice. Now, I shall explain why I choose to be thankful for free will.

Along with life, the first thing our Lord has given us was free will. He gave us the ability to have deep thoughts, imagine all sorts of things, and not only make choices, but have motivation for making those choices. We can comprehend complex mathematics, like trigonometry and calculus. We can create huge adventures with only our minds, and we can place those adventures in books, acting, games, and all sorts of things. And we can choose to give a gift to another with love.

Countless things have been created as a result of free will. We have our challenges and our triumphs. We have best friends who we have a strong relationship with. We have our happy times, our sad times, times that we wish would last forever, times we wish would last only a second. Literally everything around you is the result of someone’s free will. That orange tree you loved picking from ever since you moved in, the computer you’re using to read this, the shopping mall that you enjoy going to so often, all a result of man’s free will.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for free will, not only because it was one of the first gifts the Lord has given us, but also because from it came countless other gifts. And lastly, with free will, I can choose to thank God for free will with joy.