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Prelude to Courage: The Story Behind the Characters

December 1, 2009

The story is about a hero I imagined for several years, now. At first, he was inspired by an episode of Pokemon, where Ash battled Gym Leader Sabrina. So basically, he had psychic powers, like moving things with his mind and stuff. However, in time, the idea was scrapped for something more original. At one time, I played an internet game called Gunbound, and I liked my character wearing medieval armor and a crazy hairdo. He was not Animus at the time, though. Actually, he didn’t even have a name, yet. So, my imagined hero wore golden armor and had wild red hair, like the hair of Crono from Chrono Trigger. He also had a bazooka and a PET, which was basically a small floating robot. I scrapped the PET idea quickly. The bazooka, however, I didn’t scrap for a while, because I thought it looked cool. Later on, I did scrap it, because I felt it was too unconventional a weapon to use in fights. I decided to replace his golden armor with bluish armor and a red cape, inspired by an idea I had for Gunbound armor. Some time later, I wanted to cameo as a boss in a Zelda quest I made, called “Trinity Worlds”. However, I needed a name for him, so I thought of the hero’s strongest quality: courage. I looked up the Greek and Latin words for courage, and I chose the Latin word, “Animus.” Afterwards, I made that my online name, adding the “01”, because, when I tried to change my nickname to Animus in Gunbound, it was not accepted, being an already-chosen name. So, I use the name, “Animus01”, wherever I go online.

Now, back to Animus, the imaginary hero. I needed some moves for Animus, since he is a hero. Some of Animus’s moves are inspired by Dragonball Z techniques, mainly the basic ki blast and the Kamehameha. Some moves are unique to Animus, however. Aside from flying and basic energy blasts, he is able to use what I call the Enerugikousen (a mashup of the Japanese prefix, “enerugi-“, meaning “energy” and the Japanese word “kousen”, meaning “beam”.) This move is similar to the Kamehameha, having its name called out slowly during execution of the move and being a constant beam of energy. However, recently, I changed the execution of the technique to where Animus lifts his hands up to the sky to gather energy while yelling “Enerugi”, then moves his right foot back, lowering his hands to where they face the enemy for the blast while yelling “Kousen!” He also has a special energy attack where Animus condenses a lot of energy into a small ball and launches it at the enemy, releasing a cluster of explosions. This attack is called the Cluster Blast. He really can’t do this too often, though. Charging the ball of energy takes quite a bit of strength from his arm. A physical attack that Animus enjoys using is the hammer fist, placing his hands together over his head, jumps at the enemy, and slams his hands down on it, causing great damage to the enemy’s head. Also inspired by Dragonball Z, Animus has a super form. However, this technique isn’t just gained by accessing his inner strength. He also gets two upgraded moves. He has a more powerful version of the Enerugikousen, called the “Yuukikousen”, or “Courage beam”. Here, Animus puts his arms out, gathers energy, then pulls them in, releasing an energy beam of greater width. He also upgrades his Cluster Blast, which condenses even more energy into a small ball and launches it at the enemy for even greater explosions, called the “Super Cluster Blast”. However, Animus does not like using this move often, as it hurts his arm, not just from the gathering of energy, but also from the throwback caused by the launching of the energy ball. Animus was originally meant to have a sword only during his super form, but I recently decided to allow him to use it anytime to encourage swordfights and battles with other weaponry throughout the story.

Animus has three friends who share the same destiny. Each one has his own personal challenge to overcome. Animus likes to be heroic and has a strong sense of justice. He does not like running away from battles. However, this persistence can get him into bigger trouble than he needs to be. His personal issue is lust. He desires a girlfriend, but his desire often takes him to the wrong places, leaving him with guilt and regret. Dirk is a rough ally. He loves a good fight, and his ego sometimes gets in the way. However, he faces a personal issue. He has a lot of anger built up inside of him, so when it comes time for him to take the reins as a spirit warrior, his dark feelings affect his transformation to make him a monster, rather than a human being. He is mainly a physical attacker, able to extend his claws like Wolverine. However, his claws are thick and are able to make huge open marks on soft objects, like mattresses. He can also launch fireballs from his mouth, but this is an effect of the dark feelings that corrupted his transformation. Mentivis gets his name from the Latin words, “mentis”, meaning “mind”, and “vis”, meaning “power”. He is strongly inspired from my earliest creation. However, he does not call his abilities “psychic powers”. He often refers to them as “powers of the mind”. Mentivis enjoys studying philosophy and has a passion for studying strategies used in historic battles. He is the most calm-minded of the four warriors and is often the one who keeps the team together, in case a dispute arises between two of his allies. However, he suffers from the loss of his parents and cannot concentrate at all when he suddenly starts thinking of them. His attacks mainly involve moving objects with his mind, but he is also known to use elemental attacks: Firegra, Icegra, and Thunegra. These are basically energy blasts charged with the fire, ice, or thunder elements. His weapon of choice is the bo staff. And finally, there is Melina. Melina’s strength comes from the heart, and she will never pass up an opportunity to lend a helping hand. Animus falls in love with her at first sight and sometimes makes battle decisions with only her in mind. She and Mentivis grew up in the same town, so they have known each other since they were kids. Melina has trouble overcoming her fears, however, leading her to make unnecessary decisions or simply freeze in place. Melina is a valuable member of the team, though, being a healer. She can also put up a barrier around her or her allies, but this move takes up a lot of energy. She wields two daggers as weapons. All of these heroes have a super form, which will be revealed later on in the story.