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Chapter 6: United, They Stand

June 9, 2010

Yeah, I’m over a week late with this chapter. Unfortunately, it will be my last chapter for a while, as it has been months since I last worked on Chapter 7.

While I’m on the subject, I wish I had the talent to make these chapters as flash animations, but unfortunately, I do not.

Chapter 6: United, They Stand

“Ok, it’s time to finish this!” Animus shouted as he battled a strange foe in a familiar arena. He stood on one end of the battlefield and began to raise his hands in the air, gathering energy for the final blow.


The monster facing him also began to draw energy, holding his hands to his waist, also drawing energy. “KA… ME… HA… ME…”

Animus then put his right leg back and lowered his hands, facing his glowing palms towards the demon. Suddenly, he made a shout that let off a huge burst of energy toward the foe. “KOUSEN!”

“HA!!!” The monster responded, firing energy toward Animus with his palms. The two energy beams collided with each other and struggled to overpower each other.

“(Ok, just hang in there, Animus. Eventually, he’ll wear out.)” Animus thought to himself as he continued releasing energy towards the monster. Eventually, Animus’s Enerugikousen began to overpower the monster’s Kamehameha Wave when suddenly, the monster disappeared, and the surroundings went black.

“I need everyone to meet in the War Room immediately,” the intercom went off.

Animus removed his visor, released himself from the gyroscopic chamber, and quickly ran to the War Room, where the other three warriors were waiting for him. As soon as Animus sat down in his chair, Mentivis began to speak.

“Now that we are all here, I want everyone to listen carefully to what I have to say. I have been keeping up with the news and looking over our income for the past three months. We are rapidly losing our income, as some nations have stopped funding us and some nations went so far as to make laws against us coming into their territory.”

“(‘This is only the beginning. Your efforts to defend this planet are futile. The very people you are trying to defend will hate you. The more they know about you, the more they will hate. Do you really wish to carry this burden?’)” Remembering this, Animus’s face grew pale.

“Animus, what’s wrong? Are you sick?” Mentivis asked, not used to seeing him in this shape.

“While I was captured, Corrunderus showed me a video of a politician speaking out against us. It looks like it’s finally happening. They’re starting to hate us.”

The attention on Animus was interrupted by Dirk’s fist slamming onto the table. “Where’s the logic in all this? Would they rather be tortured by demons than be saved?!”

“Calm it, Dirk,” Mentivis interrupted. “If we’re going to react to this turn of events, we need to keep our minds at ease so we can think things through. Lately, Corrunderus had been targeting only us and used unconventional tactics to fight us. Demons attacked Animus during his coma. We have fought a demon that we couldn’t physically touch. The fact that he’s not targeting other people anymore is making our battles look staged.”

“So, what can we do to keep ourselves from getting caught between a rock and a hard place?” Animus asked.

Mentivis made an answer that none of the Spirit Warriors, including himself, was prepared for. “We disband.”

“Disband? We’re breaking up? Why?” Melina asked Mentivis.

“Disband?! Do you mean we’re just going to give up?!” Dirk shouted.

“I can’t just leave the rest of the team. It would hurt me to make such a decision. We’ve been through too much, together!” Animus replied, as well.

“Everyone, COOL IT!” Mentivis shouted. At once, everyone stopped talking and made sure not to say anything until Mentivis finished speaking.

“Look, we have five Great Deed medallions, so far. The fighting won’t be over until we obtain the other three. It’s not like we won’t see each other anymore. We will still fight demons. We just have to take a couple steps back so we have something to return to in case we eventually lose the base. We’ll need to get back to the lives we used to have. After all, we need to progress as normal people, as well. We have college, careers, and families to look forward to. If we don’t establish this while we have the opportunity, we may not be able to resume our normal lives later on. Now, are we on the same page in all of this?”

“I have a favor to ask. Since I did make the plans for this base, and since I don’t have a home to return to, I was wondering if I can still make this place my home,” Dirk asked.

“As long as it doesn’t use up too much of the money we have left, then it’s fine,” Mentivis answered.

“I think we’re all clear on the matter. I’ll return to college and resume pursuing a career in teaching. But, it won’t feel the same, though, after all of this has happened,” Animus stated, though without the smile he usually has.

After the meeting was over, the warriors exchanged good-byes and left for their former homes. Mentivis and Melina returned to their home in Vorca City, while Animus rented a new apartment in Terto City.

As the days passed in his new apartment, Animus began to grow bored and restless. Being on his own again after such a long time did not feel the same to him after having many great experiences with his fellow warriors. One night, he just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ugh. At this rate, I’ll end up having my days and nights mixed up. I need to go outside for some fresh air.”

As Animus walked toward the door to the balcony, a thought came to his mind.

“I want to go back to that cliff. It’s so quiet and peaceful over there, and maybe it’ll help me relax.”

Animus arrived at the cliff with a sleeping bag and a flashlight. Once he was done setting up his sleeping bag, he sat down on it and began to rest his mind. However, memories of Melina poured into his mind, keeping him from feeling the least bit drowsy.

“(I’ll visit her tomorrow, I promise,)” Animus thought as he tried to sleep under the stars. A few hours later, he awoke at the sound of footsteps in the grass. He grabbed his flashlight and pointed it at the direction of the sound to find Melina, standing in front of him.

“Melina, what are you doing out here? I thought you were with Mentivis.”

Melina replied, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I kept getting memories of us on this cliff, and I came here to try to relax.”

“Something tells me that this was not a coincidence,” said Animus, still a little surprised by Melina’s visit. “I was going to visit you tomorrow morning, but since you’re here, I guess we can spend some time watching the stars together if you like.”

“As long as I’m next to you, Animus. I missed you so much in the past few days.” The two began to watch the stars far above the cliff.

“Melina, I don’t think I’ve told you this before, but I’ve been thinking about you since long before we met.”

“But, how could you think of me if we never met?” Melina asked, puzzled.

“I’ve been praying to meet you for years. I’ve even typed on my computer the kind of girl I imagined you to be. I said to the Lord, ‘If there’s anything in this description that I really want to come true, it would be that your favorite color is orange.’ I just could not get over how much I wanted to see that come true.”

Melina was surprised to hear this. “Wow, you’re absolutely right. My favorite color IS orange!”

“Not only that,” Animus continued, “But I have seen other parts of the description come true, as well. You have beautiful straight brown hair that appears to shine orange in the sun. Your eyes are a beautiful brown, like mine. You are a bit shy, but your heart is very strong. And how much you love to serve the Lord just blows me away. It was as if He took my description and molded it into a dazzling young woman.”

Melina was so entranced by what Animus told her, she could only speak these four words: “I love you, Animus.”

“I love you too, Melina,” Animus replied.

The two continued to stare at the night sky until the sun slowly rose.

“Melina, is it ok if we meet here again tonight?”

Upon hearing this, Melina let out a big smile. “Yes, Animus. Absolutely!”

The next morning, Animus headed off to former base of the Spirit Warriors to pay Dirk a visit. When he arrived, he found the place to be strangely empty.

“(He’s probably working a bit more on the simulator,)” Animus thought. However, when he went to the simulator room, he did not find Dirk, but the power to the room was completely shut off. “(Man, I never thought I’d see the simulator room like this. I’d better check the War Room. It’s the only place left.)”

Animus proceeded to the basement, where he found Dirk sitting with his head tucked between his folded arms at the table. “Dirk, it’s me, Animus. Is everything ok?”

Dirk slowly raised his head and looked toward Animus. On the table was a letter. He placed his hand on the letter and slid it across the table toward Animus. “Take a look at this,” he said, with an obvious expression of discouragement from his face.

“What’s this?” Animus picked up the letter and read it.

By the order of the Alliance of Nations, this base has been deemed a threat to the security of the majority of the participating nations and is to be dismantled by its owners within one month. If this order is not complied, troops will be dispatched on site to destroy the base and eliminate its owners.

“How long ago was this mail sent?” Animus asked Dirk while trying to hold back his anger.

“Yesterday. It looks like we’ll be back to square one,” Dirk replied.

“I don’t know. Let me go deliver this to Mentivis. He might have an idea on how to rectify this situation.” Animus took the letter and flew from the base to the home of Mentivis and Melina in Vorca City. When he rang the doorbell, Mentivis answered the door.

“Animus, I’m so glad to see you. Melina just talks non-stop about you. So, what brings you here?”

Animus smiled to see Mentivis again, but his smile quickly disappeared when it came time for him to show the letter. “Dirk received this in the mail, yesterday. It looks like we have a real problem on our hands.”

As Mentivis silently read the letter, sweat poured down his face. Once he was through, he calmly handed the letter back to Animus. “The hole just keeps getting deeper, doesn’t it?”

“I was wondering if you may have an idea on how to fix this situation,” Animus said.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do at the moment. However, I’ll try to think of a solution. I’ll let you know as soon as I can think of one,” Mentivis replied.

Later that night, Animus returned to the same cliff from last night. Shortly after he arrived, he saw Melina flying towards him from his left.

“Animus!” Melina quickly flew into Animus’s arms, giving him a big hug.

“Melina, it’s so wonderful to see you again.”

“I was thinking of what you told me, last night, about before you met me. I have something I want to share, as well. Before we met, on some nights, I heard a voice, telling me to pray for my future husband. It sounded like he was in trouble, so every night, I prayed for him.”

Animus was amazed to hear this news. “Melina, I have something to say, as well. On some nights, when I was attacked by lust, I asked my Lord to send a messenger angel to my future wife to tell her to pray for me. It sounds like my messages came through.”

Upon hearing this, Melina was so awestruck by this message, all she could do was hug Animus even more tightly than ever. All of a sudden, many dark figures appeared from all around them.

“Lord Corrunderus requests an audience with the two of you. You will join him tonight,” spoke one of the demons. All of a sudden, several demons swarmed the two warriors and bound them in strong metal chains and were knocked out.

After being in the midst of darkness for what seemed to be forever, Animus heard a voice.

“Wake up. It is time to meet the Demon Lord.”

Animus opened his eyes to find himself bound to the same wall as before. In front of him were as many as six demons. To his left was Melina, so stricken with fear, it looked like she would pass out at any moment. The demons unbound the two warriors from the wall. However, the chains were not removed. The demons escorted Animus and Melina to the same large room from before. There, Corrunderus stood at the other end, waiting for them.

“Welcome again, foolish clown. And welcome, naive girl. I could’ve left your fate to your own kind, but I wanted to have the pleasure of disposing of the two greatest threats to our plans.”

Melina was too scared to speak, but Animus managed to talk to the demon. “What are you doing to the people on Earth? What kind of brainwashing have you done to make them think we’re their enemies?”

“Brainwashing? There has been no brainwashing. These humans draw their own conclusions. Of course, I had to help them along. But, actually, you fools contibuted a lot to their beliefs.”

Animus attempted to violently shake off his chains, but it was no use. All Animus could do is angrily stare at the demon who had them shackled.

“I suppose you want to be free from those chains, now. You’ll be free from those chains, and your bodies, shortly,” Corrunderus continued as he began to raise his scythe. “Better yet, I want to see how you would react to see your loved one die right before your very eyes.” Corrunderus moved his scythe toward Melina when suddenly, Animus began to glow.

“Ahh, this will be interesting. I’ll get to kill you in the same form that you were when you killed Atraledo. Wait… that’s not it. What’s going on?”

The same spirit that arose from Animus against the invincible demon appeared once again to fight Corrunderus. The spirit unsheathed his sword and began to strike powerful blows against Corrunderus, who, with every blow, was steadily moving backwards. As Corrunderus and the spirit fought, Melina began to glow, as well. Her spirit arose and removed the shackles from the two warriors with no problem. As soon as they were released, Animus and Melina fell to the floor. Melina’s spirit joined the battle with Animus’s spirit as they continued to war against the powerful Corrunderus. However, during the battle, the two spirits began to merge together. The spirit looked very much like Animus’s spirit, but the other spirit’s daggers appeared on the sword’s hilt. When the spirit pointed his sword at Corrunderus, three beams fired from the sword and two daggers and encased Corrunderus in an energy shield. The spirit split back into two and returned to Animus’s and Melina’s bodies. Immediately, they got up and saw Corrunderus, trapped behind a shield of energy.

“What happened?” Animus asked, unaware of the events that had taken place.

“(There’s no time. You and Melina need to get out of here before the shield wears off,)” a thought appeared in his head.

“Melina, we need to get out of here. I know a way out.” Animus quickly grabbed Melina by the hand, and they both ran towards Animus’s former exit. However, on their way down the hallway, many demons were coming from that direction.

“Animus, look!” Melina shouted.

“Crud! We need to find another way out of here!” Animus turned around and ran with all his might back down the hallway, still firmly holding Melina’s hand. Down the hallway, they approached the door that led to a mysterious machine.

“What on earth is this?!” Animus asked as he examined the machine. After a few seconds of peering into the machine, he noticed a map of Earth with a set of coordinates. Below the map was a red button.

“Darnit, that still doesn’t tell me what this thing does!” Animus shouted.

“What about this, Animus? ‘Teleportation Device’,” Melina read on a part of the machine.

“This is a WHAT?!” Animus could not believe what he had heard. Suddenly, he could hear the demons coming closer. Without thinking, he hit the red button and shoved Melina into the machine. After a light on the wall flashed red three times, the light below it flashed green, and Melina disappeared from inside the machine.

“I sure hope this machine did what I thought it was supposed to do. Otherwise, I’m a dead man, in more ways than one,” Animus said to himself, breathing heavily and sweating almost uncontrollably. When he tried to press the button again, a buzz filled the room.

“Oh, what now?!” Suddenly, his eyes turned to a thermometer. Its numbers were red, but they were rapidly decreasing.

“Oh, I sure hope the machine cools down fast enough.” All of a sudden, the demons began to enter the room, one by one.

“Crud!” Animus held out his left arm and held it with his right arm. “CLUSTER BLAST!” Animus fired a powerful energy blast into the demons, causing the door to cave in. When Animus turned around to glance at the thermometer, the numbers decreased more slowly, but they were now white. Animus pushed the red button again and quickly went into the machine. As soon as the demons removed the rubble and entered the room, he was no longer in sight.

Meanwhile, Mentivis had been meditating in a secret place in a forest to the south of Vorca City.

“(I need to know the solution to this problem. If we don’t save the base, it’ll be that much harder for us to fight the demons.)”

“Aah!” came a familiar shout.

No sooner did Mentivis open his eyes than he found himself tackled by Melina, who seemed to appear from out of nowhere.

“Oof! What the…” But Mentivis was cut off by another familiar voice.

“Whoa!” Animus also appeared from nowhere and landed on top of both Melina and Mentivis, still on the ground. As soon as all three warriors got back on their feet, they turned around to find a demon also appearing from out of nowhere.

“Here they come!” Animus lunged forward to intercept the demon.

“What’s going on, here?!” Mentivis asked Melina, very confused.

Melina attempted to explain, “Well, you see, Animus and I got captured by the demons, and we met Corrunderus.”

“What?!” Mentivis interrupted, “You met him?! What happened?!”

“He was about to kill us, and we passed out. When we came to, he was surrounded in a force field, and we were hightailing it out of there. That’s when Animus stumbled upon a teleporter, and…”

“A teleporter!” Mentivis interrupted again. “That’s how they’re getting here. Hang on a moment. I’ll have Dirk scan this area for anything unusual.” Mentivis then telepathically communicated with Dirk. “(Dirk, I need you to use the computer to scan the area where we are. Look for anything that may have to do with teleports.)”

“(You got it, Mentivis. I’m on it.)” Dirk telepathically replied.

All of a sudden, more demons started to appear, one every few minutes.

“Drat! Melina, put up a barrier for us,” Mentivis told Melina as he rushed to assist Animus. Within minutes, there were no fewer than five demons on the battlefield. Even though the warriors were surrounded by a barrier, Melina was getting tired, and she was about to lose the barriers.

“Hey, is it just me, or did the demons stop appearing?” Animus asked Mentivis while concentrating on the demon he was fighting.

“It looks that way. Hang on a moment.” Mentivis then telepathically communicated to Dirk, “(Dirk, did you figure out what was going on?)”

“(Mentivis, you won’t believe this. The demons travelled to your location via a special wave frequency. I used the base’s satellite to release waves at the same frequency toward your location. It seems that the waves collided and have deflected in opposite directions.)”

“(That’s awesome, Dirk, but where are the original waves now headed?)”

“(It looks like they’ve left the planet, and… I have no clue after that.)”

Mentivis chuckled when he heard the news. “(Lost in space. Brilliant work, Dirk.)”

A few minutes passed before the warriors defeated the remaining demons. When the warriors headed back to the base to explain the preceding events, the sixth Great Deed medallion appeared to each one.