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Vore From My Eyes

February 21, 2014

This is a big move for me, as I don’t know who will be reading this and whether or not I’ll be looked down upon for it, but one thing is for sure, admitting it doesn’t make me any less of a saved man than I am. I know I said I was discontinuing the blog and moving to DA, but circumstances the past couple of years have gotten me to change my mind. Maybe I’ll revive the blogging or something. Maybe I’ll post more fiction here, as I’ve been doing a ton of that. But anyway, I’ll just get started with the topic here.

    So, there is something that I’ve been on the fence about for years. I’ve struggled with it and fought with it, but never really could completely control it. Well, it’s not one thing, but a few. But I will focus on a major part of it in this topic. That part is vorarephilia, or in short, vore.
    Vorarephilia is getting sexual pleasure from eating another being, being eaten by another being, or just simply observing the process. There are two basic sides to vore: predator and prey. Some people strongly favor the predator, or pred, side. Some strongly favor the prey side. As for myself, I tend to fall into a bit of both. Within this fetish are many branches, only a few of which I will get into, due to not only being relevant to me, but also for appropriateness. I do not feel comfortable in explaining certain types of vore that are out there, and I, myself, am not aroused by those types. First, I will explain in brief two main types: hard vore and soft vore. Hard vore is bloody and sometimes gorey, and I am in no way aroused by any of that, a fact that I am extremely thankful for. That leaves the opposite side, and the much more diverse side, soft vore. It is a vore type that is much easier on the eyes (and my stomach) and both the pred and prey are often alive through most of the process, if not the entire process. Vore is carried out by a variety of entities, be it animals, much like in real life (though most of that falls under hard vore), furries (bipedal humanlike beings that have animal features), or simply humans. These can often be mixed and matched, but I lean toward human soft vore. There are also several branches of vore types that are simply entryways (the mouth, for instance), but for the sake of keeping things appropriate, the mouth will be the only entryway I will be talking about, basically the same thing as eating food at the dinner table. Particularly, I am most into accidental/unaware same-size soft vore, in which one human accidentally swallows the other. This is a bit rare, as accidental vore is mostly limited to prey that is much smaller than the pred. There is also consensual and non-consensual, basically meaning if there is actual sex involved. I do my very best to stay away from consensual vore material, as it can be a turn-off trying to get past the whole process before the actual vore happens. There is also one more vore type that is about as rare as accidental vore, and that is multi vore, in which one of three things might happen: a pred swallows two prey, and one prey swallows the other inside the pred’s stomach; one pred eats a prey but then gets swallowed up by another pred soon after (with the original prey still alive), and one pred actively swallowing the prey while being swallowed by another pred. The last one in particular arouses me the most.
    People who do not have this fetish often compare vorarephiles to cannibals, which is a highly debatable topic, which I will not get started with. However, I will set up the foundation for my stance by saying this is strictly a fantasy fetish. The vore I have mentioned is not even remotely possible, given the structure and elasticity (or lack thereof) of our bodies. It pains me to read about people bashing those who have this fetish, because those who do didn’t choose it, and unless their willpower is even greater than mine, cannot completely control it. In short, it cannot be naturally helped. Like I said, I’ve struggled with this for years, and I am just now learning how to use it to my advantage rather than either trying to fight it or let it take over me. And by the way, I have, on multiple occasions, tried to stop cold-turkey. Long story short, my willpower crumbled within a week, and I was back to the usual mess. And then there are those nights where I simply do not have internet access, so my dreams often supply the vore then. This happened both nights when I was on vacation, away from the craziness that is the internet.
    On that note, one might ask, “How DO you take a fantasy fetish and use it to your advantage?” First off, I limit it to within an hour’s block of time, and I do it only in the late night before I go to bed. Secondly, while I don’t outright speak about this in public (because that would be quite foolish), I could cautiously and discreetly blend it in to a normal conversation in a tasteful manner without it being in any way arousing, mostly by being silly about it, so that no one thinks I am crazier than I already display that I am. One way I managed to successsfully incorporate it safely into the public was through a game of Uno. Now, the people I play with are merciless (just the way I like it). I pick whoever is to the left or to the right of me to be my “prey”, and I will use that word every so often during the game, maybe saying something silly like “nom, sir” when I start firing my Draw Two cards at the poor unfortunate victim. Oh, rest assured, I lose more than I win, so all is well. Now that I think about it, a vore version of Uno would actually be pretty fun! Well, as long as no one takes the game too seriously and outright tries to eat the other players! I have other plans for when I finally get married, but that’s a long way off. It’s quite harmless, actually. It’s just mostly playing tag somewhere and maybe put part of her arm in my mouth (making sure the teeth don’t get involved, though).
    So, what do I think about vore? Well, first of all, I want to take a quote I read on the internet, and that is being “the ultimate form of closeness.” It actually gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about it. I mean, imagine being inside this small moist room and you hear a heart beat, and you hear someone’s voice, and you can feel the world around you move on occasion. Sounds a bit familiar, right? Ya know, except it’s not in the stomach. It actually sounds a lot more natural, when it’s put that way. I wonder if there is a way I can best simulate such an experience of being inside another person without actually being inside. But beyond making use of a fantasy fetish, I don’t really know the true purpose of its existence in my life. I could say it is one of those “humbling forces”, like the Apostle Paul’s pride, which he had been praying multiple times to get rid of. However, I think there is more to it than that, and I believe I will learn more as life goes on.
    So, that is one dark secret I have released into the wild that is the world wide web. I haven’t spoken to anyone else of this matter, mainly because there is virtually no one around me who can handle something like this, not even my best friend. While there are web sites for this sort of thing, I feel uncomfortable walking into them, even if I went as incognito as possible, because I tend to interpret this very much differently from others, and that interpretation might get me ostricized (an experience I am sadly all too familiar with). So, this is the vore fetish from my eyes. While I hope no one who locally knows me reads this, I hope that those that do have an understanding of what it feels like to have the fetish.