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Photos of my Friends From School

May 22, 2009

Yup. I brought the DSi to school. I decided to take pics, since it was the last day.

Mrs. Joan, the principal.

Mrs. Joan, the principal.

Mr. Alan, the school pastor. (He's a bit camera-shy)

Mr. Alan, the school pastor. (He's a bit camera-shy)

From Left: Brandon, Charlie, and Nicholas. We hang out a lot.

From Left: Brandon, Charlie, and Nicholas. We hang out a lot.

From Left: Bret, Drew, Alicia, Alyssa, Allie (I get the three mixed up), and Cameron.

From Left: Bret, Drew, Alicia, Alyssa, Allie (I get the three mixed up), and Cameron.

Tre' (Left) and Josh (Right).

Tre' (Left) and Josh (Right).

"I wiseman once once said.... 'I bet you could smuggel a whole roast into the show with that purse.' -Alan Miller" I thought this was fun to keep, so I took a pic.

"I wiseman once once said.... 'I bet you could smuggel a whole roast into the show with that purse.' -Alan Miller" I thought this was fun to keep, so I took a pic.


A couple of pics came out blurry, but overall, I think they came out pretty well.


First Year Experience

May 21, 2009

This Friday marks the end of my first year as a full-time teacher. Before I start talking about my first year, I want to talk about the events that led up to me becoming a teacher.

I was struggling with college, not just because of my grades, but also because of my lack of interest. I had no passion in my life. I didn’t know who I wanted to be as an adult. The major I picked was only because my dad had the same major when he went to college. I didn’t last very long in my first Accounting class. I felt that there was too much to learn in such little time. So, I dropped the class out of discouragement. Spring, 2008, was my last semester in college, for a time. I gave up. I had no clue where to go next. Early that summer, I fasted. I ate nothing for three days. The only thing I allowed in my stomach was water. Each night, I prayed and read my Bible for an answer. The second night, I was given Matthew 6:31-34.

“Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

I broke my fast at lunchtime the day after, and I thanked my Lord for this answer. August, 2008, my pastor gave me a call. He and the principal of the school took me out to lunch, and we talked about me being able to work as a teacher full-time the following year.

That September, after hurricanes Gustav and Ike passed, I started working full-time as a teacher. It was a bit tough, at first. Being able to discipline students for their actions was new to me, and I was quite hesitant to give them pages of lines to write, even when I should’ve. I’ve definitely made mistakes over the months, but with each mistake came greater triumph. I’d say by about the middle of the year, I was learning how to wield the ability to discipline students when they needed to. I did start giving lines, but I started at 3 pages. I also needed to learn how to wield the ability to discern when to give grace and mercy when I discipline. There were a few times when I overdisciplined the students, but it was necessary for me to learn how to wield the ability to discipline correctly.

Oh, another factor I had a bit of trouble with was the topic of favoritism. One of the students I teach was my classmate when I was once a student there. We have been best friends since the day we met. Oftentimes, I was accused by a couple of other students that I was being more lenient to him than to the other students. Although I did not mean to, I do believe that I may have unintentionally made the mistake of favoritism a few times. But then, the students who were accusing me of favoritism weren’t exactly the most well-behaved students in the classroom, either. The funny thing was, they never could use my sis (also another student at the school) as being a favorite. I mean, she was quiet the whole time she did her work, and the only time I had to correct her was when she got hyper during break.

Another thing I had to learn was when I needed to raise my voice and take command. I’m usually a quiet person, and having gotten in trouble in the past for being loud, back before I was saved, I had to overcome the fear of raising my voice. I’d say that I’ve started to learn to raise my voice correctly was in the last few months. Sometimes, when I correct other students, some of them want to argue instead of being obedient. This has been especially helpful in the past few weeks, as the students have gotten rowdier, being near the end of the school year.

Now that the year has come to an end, I want to thank those who have helped me so much through the year. First off, I want to thank Mrs. Joan Perre, the principal of Restoration Christian Academy, for not only hiring me as a teacher, but also for being my spiritual guide in my walk with the Lord. I also want to thank Mr. Alan Miller, the school pastor, for being an inspiration in so many ways. When I was a student, he inspired me to be a greater Christian through his devotions. When I became a teacher, he further inspired me both as a Christian and as an instructor, and I would watch them when he and Mrs. Joan corrected or disciplined a student, that I may learn more. If I had a list of people who have inspired me, Mr. Alan and Mrs. Joan would be near the top of the list, alongside my church pastor and his wife and my parents. My Lord would be at the very top. I would like to thank all of the students that I taught, this year. I especially want to thank those who were the toughest to discipline. I know that being a teacher is not supposed to be a peaches-and-cream job. I am thankful that there was someone who was willing to give me a  hard time. Otherwise, I would not have grown as much as a teacher. I needed to learn how to deal with those tough situations, or else I would be ill-prepared in the later year. Last, but definitely not least, I want to thank my Lord, who was, is, and forever will be my greatest inspiration. Not only has He given me my future, he has given me a great responsibility.

“Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.”

James 3:1

To be chosen as a teacher by my Lord is, to me, a very high honor. I understand that at Judgment Day, I will be judged more strictly. I am willing to accept that responsibility, and I thank my Lord for it. I also want to thank my Lord for answering the prayers I make just about every morning before I leave for school. I pray each morning that He gives me the wisdom and the courage to make the right decisions, and when I make mistakes, He uses those mistakes to help me wield my abilities more correctly.

Now, with my newfound passion in hand, and having grown so much spiritually and academically, I am ready and willing to finish my years in college so that I may get that degree in teaching. I plan to try to teach and go to college at the same time, but if it proves to be too much a burden, I know my Lord will make my path straight. He has made straight my path before, and He will do so again, when needed.

Discipline – The Broccoli of Life

February 27, 2009

This being my first year as a teacher, I am bound to make mistakes. At lunch, one day, my principal and pastor addressed to me the mistakes I was making. Obviously, it does not feel good to be disciplined about a mistake, especially if that mistake is sizable enough. However, I am very thankful that these mistakes were addressed, that they would not happen in the future.

Discipline is like broccoli. Most of us, when we were kids, did not want to have anything to do with broccoli. Instead, we go for that tasty ice cream with lots of chocolate syrup on top. Ice cream is like that feeling that we’re doing all right, but we don’t know (or want to know, in some cases) that there’s something that we are doing wrong. Ice cream, although sweet and tasty, can be unhealthy for you. Broccoli, on the other hand, doesn’t have a texture many people would desire to enjoy, and it has that aftertaste to it that kinda makes you want to go grab a mint. However, broccoli is very nutritious. It keeps us healthy. Broccoli is the approach we need to take, when it comes to discipline. If we focus on the nutrition and not on the taste, we will yield healthier results in return.

Some of us, like myself, enjoy broccoli with a topping, like ranch dressing. Ranch dressing really helps with the taste, and when it comes to dipping, broccoli is an excellent vegetable to dip into dressing. Allow me to place some words of wisdom on your heart, so that you will have ranch dressing for your broccoli moments.

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
   but he who hates reproof is stupid.”
Proverbs 12:1 (English Standard Version)

Also, let me share the same verse from The Message:

“If you love learning, you love the discipline that goes with it— how shortsighted to refuse correction!”

Anyone who is willing to become a better person in life must also be willing to keep this verse in his heart.