Faxanadu Remake hiring helpers

I am the author of the dropped project: Faxanadu Remake. I use the Zelda Classic engine version 2.10 to make the project. Due to coming across a forum talking about my project, I have recently revived the project for the sake of the few people who are still interested in the project. Right now, I am hiring help to assemble the Faxanadu tileset. Feel free to apply here. I will provide the quest files for the project. As for the specific version, maybe. I still enjoy the Faxanadu project, but I will need your help if I want to see it through to its end. Thank you in advance for your support, and thank you, especially, finalkaoss, for inspiring me to continue.

Once again, I will need to build the tileset. Help will be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you in advance.

Quest files:




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