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Chapter 9: Counteroffensive and Corrunderus

May 10, 2011

 This is it! The final chapter of Spirit Warriors! Animus’s journey comes to and end here. However, it is not the end of my desire to make stories. I plan on doing more at some point. It kinda has a bittersweet ending, but I really enjoyed making the events that led up to the final battle.

Chapter 9: Counteroffensive and Corrunderus

“I have to say, Dirk, that is quite an amazing suit of armor you’re wearing. You remind me of a dragoon from a Final Fantasy game, even,” Animus said to Dirk.

“So, this is what it feels like to fight as a spirit warrior in human form. I feel so amazing! I bet I could fly around the world and make it back here in less than an hour!” Dirk exclaimed, admiring his new form.

“I suggest you save your energy for the final battle, Dirk. We don’t know how powerful Corrunderus may be. He could be just as powerful as we are, if not more so. We need to be in top form,” Mentivis replied.

At that moment, Animus glanced at Melina for a split second and looked back in his original direction toward Mentivis. “How much time do you think we have? I still have things to do before we head out.”

“This will be a longshot, but I would say a week. We may have decimated his main army, but he may still have some demons in reserve. A week is not only just enough time for us to prepare; it is also enough time for Corrunderus to prepare. Let’s make the most of this short time while we have it, and…” Mentivis turned his attention to Dirk “…make sure we don’t overwork ourselves.”

“What? You think I’m gonna spend an entire week in the simulator?” Dirk asked.

“Well, considering that you probably got the biggest change of all of us, you were probably planning on going all-out with your new powers and exhausting yourself.”

“…Dang. You know me too well.”

The first day came, and the spirit warriors dedicated themselves to preparing for the final fight. Dirk and Mentivis were training together in the simulator, while Animus and Melina watched them on the monitor. The two warriors were battling waves after waves of demons in a ruined city.

“So, I lost count. What wave was this, again?” Dirk asked, while slicing through several demons with his claw staff.

“Uhh… eight, I think,” Mentivis answered as he fired large needles of ice at a bunch of demons.

“Just eight? I want to go at least twenty,” Dirk replied as he dispatched the remaining demons.

“What was I saying about conserving your energy, Dirk? We have no chance if we are too tired to fight.”

The ninth wave commenced, and more demons spawned around them. Dirk rushed toward a group of them at lightning speed. However, as soon as he was about to strike, a buzzer rang, and the demons disappeared, along with the entire battlefield. They now found themselves back at the base.

“Uhh… what just happened?” Dirk asked, baffled.

“I had the time limit set to an hour when you weren’t looking. You need to consider resting every so often.”

“Dang it! I can’t get away with anything anymore, can I?”

Animus and Melina stepped into the simulation chamber as Mentivis prepared the combat simulation. They found themselves in the same ruined city as the one from Dirk and Mentivis’s combat training. The two warriors progressed wave after wave until they came to Wave 6. As Animus kept slaying demons, his eyes turned toward Melina, who was also slaying demons, almost as many as he did, so far. However, he noticed a demon coming down from directly above Melina.

“Melina! Look out!” Animus yelled as he sprinted toward her as fast as he possibly could.

“What?” Melina stopped what she was doing to find Animus running toward her. All of a sudden, she saw the shadow of the demon and turned around. She was petrified with fear, seeing the demon about to strike her down. Animus jumped and slid on the ground and readied a Cluster Blast, firing it before the demon made it to her. However, Melina was too close to the blast and was launched several feet away, landing on her back. Animus felt the heat of his Cluster Blast and had it not been a simulation, would have been scorched.

“Animus!” Mentivis shouted into the microphone in the simulation chamber. “You can’t overexert yourself like that! You could’ve killed both yourself and Melina in the process!”

Because both warriors were down, the simulation ended early. Animus quickly got out of the device and proceeded toward his room, when Mentivis stopped him.

“Melina would’ve been all right. If you’d just left her alone, she…”

“I can’t! I just can’t!” Animus interrupted as he brushed Mentivis aside and moved on. Dirk and Melina came up to Mentivis shortly afterward.

“What’s gotten into him?” Dirk asked.

“Whatever it is, it just revealed itself. I’d best go talk to him. Melina, come with me. Whatever he doesn’t tell me, he’s sure to tell you.”

Melina, shaken up by the incident, nodded and proceeded to Animus’s quarters alongside Mentivis.

As the two approached Animus’s room, Melina whispered quietly to Mentivis.

“Let me talk to him.”

Mentivis nodded and stayed behind as Melina knocked on Animus’s door. There was no answer.

“Animus, may I come in?”

A muffled voice answered, “Sure.” Melina walked in to find Animus lying on his bed with his face to his pillow.


“What?” Animus replied, still with his head to his pillow.

“…Thank you.”

Animus turned to look at Melina. He was sad, but his face shown a more disappointed look.

“For what? Killing you in the simulation?”

Melina calmly replied, “For trying to rescue me. I know you didn’t succeed, but you risked everything to save me. Don’t be ashamed of yourself.”

“I can’t help myself, Melina. I just can’t stop worrying about you. I don’t even know if I’m going to lose you again.”

“I can take care of myself, Animus. You don’t need to look after me. Promise me that you won’t worry about me anymore.”

Animus was silent for a moment, then said, “I promise.” Melina hugged Animus and left his room.

The second day arrived, and Animus spent much time thinking to himself in his room. He didn’t feel like simulation training, and yesterday’s mood was still with him.


Animus broke from his thoughts to listen to the familiar voice. “I’m here.”

“You seem to show some doubt of your own skill as a warrior. Take your sword out of its sheath,” the voice said.

Animus took his sword from his sheath as the voice told him.

“Now, hold your sword out in front of you and look at the hilt. What is the shape of the hilt?”

Puzzled, Animus replied, “A ‘V’.”

“Now, what’s the first word to come to your mind that starts with the letter ‘V’?”

“Uhmm… Victory, I guess.”

The voice answered in a pleased tone, “Remember that you are not only wielding a sword. You are also wielding Victory, itself. You will do well.” At the moment, the voice was no longer heard.

“He’s right. I shouldn’t doubt my skill as a spirit warrior. Especially not when I’ve come this far. The upcoming battle has already been decided. Now all we have to do is play our roles and follow through to the battle’s decision.” Animus felt a new wave of confidence as he stepped out of his room to join the others in a game of Brawl.

The third day came quickly, and Animus began to worry about the constant running down of time.

“(There are five days left,)” Animus thought to himself. “(I need to get this out of the way before time is up.)”

Animus went to Melina, who was watching a show on TV. On the outside, it looked like she was entertained. However, she felt a similar anxiety of the diminishing time.


Melina turned from the TV toward Animus. “Oh, hi Animus! You look better!” Melina said as she smiled.

“It’s a beautiful day out. Do you want to go to our favorite spot, today?”

Melina’s smile broadened as she heard this. “Oh, absolutely!”

On the cliff that held many of their memories, they looked toward the placid ocean reflecting the sun like a mirror.

“Melina, remember that day we met?”

“Oh, yes! I was a little nervous, at first. I mean, you just suddenly appeared. But you were so kind.”

“I thought it would be nice to reflect back at those memories. I want to remember how it felt like my heart wanted to burst out of my body to be with your heart. Heh. Now that I think about it, I couldn’t get you off my mind. I’ve lost sleep for several days in a row. I felt pain, because I had a very strong desire to be with you.”

“You’d be surprised at how I thought of you, at first. I thought you just wanted to be around me for my four arms,” Melina giggled.

Animus’s face turned a bit red for a moment, but it was more of a blush. “Well, I was worried that I was lusting after you after that first time. I mean, four arms. I’m curious at how you were able to use them all without getting all klutzy. It must be difficult to concentrate on what each arm is doing at the same time.”

Melina smiled as she responded, “Well, it was an interesting experience trying to use these arms, at first. Mentivis, well, he and I saw each other as spirit warriors that very first time. I mean, he was brave enough to come running to my room telling me about his powers, while I was struggling to get out of a knot I made with my arms. I had no idea which hand I was supposed to let go first.”

Melina paused for a moment to give both of them some time to laugh at that moment. “I was on the floor, face redder than a tomato, and he was standing there doing the biggest facepalm of the century!”

Melina paused again, for they could not control themselves in their laughter. After the laughter died down, Melina continued her story.

“So, yeah. After Mentivis was done with that, he helped me get my hands untied. I could’ve just gone as a normal human being with two arms between battles, but by the time Dirk built the base, I became so used to having this many arms that I decided to stay as a spirit warrior just to try my arms out around the base, doing household tasks much faster.”

Animus felt so relaxed, listening to Melina’s story, that he decided to ask a question about her spirit warrior form. “Melina, when I became a spirit warrior, I was a knight, because that is what I imagined myself to be. Were you the same way?”

“Actually, yes. I used to draw things all the time. A lot of them were of me as a powerful warrior with four arms. She did magic with two arms and held her weapons with the other two.”

Animus thought to himself, “(I could’ve sworn I’ve seen something like that on the web back in the day. I’m actually still kinda scared to admit it. I mean, I know she would hate to have her pictures lusted after… Man, that last thought just creeped me out. I don’t want to have anything to do with lust ever again, especially when I know she’s the one.)”

“Animus?” Melina spoke as she looked at him, who apparently was fixed like a statue. “Animus!” Melina snapped her fingers in front of him, breaking his thoughts in two.

“Whoah, what? I… Oh. Sorry, Melina. I just hit some not-so-pleasant memories that surfaced on me. They’re gone, now.”

“Thanks to me, I bet!” Melina smiled.

Animus smiled back. “Heh, yeah. Thanks.”

The fourth day arrived, and even Mentivis was feeling uneasy. He sat alone in the War Room, thinking about how to engage Corrunderus. Having spent about an hour already, he was ready to move on to something else. It was then that Dirk walked in.

“I thought I’d find you here, Mentivis. You’re the only one I know who would sit alone in a dark room while the rest of us enjoy the weather outside. Melina wanted me to come ask you if you’d like to join us for a picnic. She and Animus are already bringing the food and drinks.”

Mentivis looked up at Dirk, thought for a a second or two and smiled. “Yeah. I’ll be more than happy to come with you guys. (That would help me clear my head, though Melina would have a fit if she caught me thinking about work during a time of relaxing.)”

The four warriors arrived at a beach about 15 miles south of the base. They were all dressed in normal clothing, enjoying a nice lunch of sandwiches, pickles, and potato chips.

“I never realized there was a very nice beach here,” Mentivis said before biting into a turkey sandwich.

“Well, maybe you should come outside more,” Melina answered with a grin.

“Melina pointed it out to me when we were coming back from a trip,” Animus added.

Dirk wanted to join in, but he was too busy nomming on pickles from a very large jar. Animus was amazed as he watched Dirk down what looked to be his fourth pickle.

“Dang, man. Where’re you putting ’em all?”

Dirk quickly swallowed to respond to Animus’s question. “I can’t help but enjoy pickles. I’m a sucker for anything that involves vinegar.”

After lunch, Animus decided to build a nice sandcastle on the beach. Dirk was sunbathing, and Mentivis was, as always, meditating on something. As Animus was getting towers built on his sandcastle, he noticed that Melina had gone up to him. She was wearing a bathing suit.

“Do you want to swim with me, Animus?”

Animus’s mind instantly went into a power struggle, seeing Melina in that bathing suit. He felt that it was all right to look upon her, while he felt the fear that grew within him during his many fights with lust, back in the day.

“Uhh.. s-sure. I’ll join you,” Animus answered, very nervous about this situation.

“Come on, I’ll hold your hand,” Melina said, noticing Animus’s nervousness.

At that, Animus just thought “to heck with it” and held her hand without hesitation.

“(Why do I need to be nervous about all this? She’s the one. I shouldn’t be nervous about seeing her like that. It feels funny doing this, but it’s better than cowering in fear of something completely pointless.)”

The two walked toward the water, hands held firmly to each other.

The appointed day of attack was getting closer, and the fifth day has risen. Animus and Melina were in the simulation chamber again, battling demons in waves.

“(I can’t get worried about her, this time. I must let things go. She’ll be all right if I don’t interfere.)” This thought echoed throughout Animus’s mind during his training. He turned around to find Melina fighting demons, as well. Suddenly, a demon came from above, much like last time. Animus quickly began to run, but stopped.

“(Come on, Animus. Self-control. You can’t interfere!)”

As he paused to watch the demon slowly descend upon Melina, he saw her look down, turn toward the demon, and blast it to pieces with energy beams.

“…Maybe I have been worrying way too much,” Animus said aloud.

Much of the remaining time of that day was spent on training, though the warriors went on periodic breaks for both them and the simulation machine to cool down.

The sixth day has come, and the warriors sat down in the living room area to talk.

“So, I forgot. Which day do we strike? Tomorrow, or the next day?” Dirk asked Mentivis.

“We should strike tomorrow. I don’t think we can afford any more time beyond that,” Mentivis answered.

“(Tomorrow! I need to get this plan done today!)” Animus thought to himself. “Mentivis, is it okay for me to take Melina out to dinner, just the two of us?”

“Sure, I have no problem in that,” Mentivis answered.

Melina couldn’t help but feel something was up in Animus’s mind.

Later that day, Animus spoke to Mentivis privately in his room.

“Uhmm, Mentivis. Since you’re the one who looks after Melina, I wanted to ask you this question,” Animus said, nervously.

Mentivis was puzzled as he answered, “Go ahead and ask.”

After a bit of a struggle with his tongue, Animus managed to say, “I would like to propose to Melina at dinner tonight.”

Hearing this blew Mentivis away. He was stunned at this question.

“I’m… uhhh… well… okay with that. I guess I’m so used to you and Melina being so close that I didn’t even think about what’ll happen next. I believe you’ll make a fine husband for Melina. You two share a very strong connection to each other, as well. Now that I feel more comfortable, yes. Go ahead and propose to her. I’m eager to see you two as a couple.”

Animus couldn’t contain his excitement. “Thank you, Mentivis! I promise I’ll be the best husband to her as I can possibly be!” On that note, Animus left Mentivis’s room to take Melina out to dinner.

After dinner, Animus and Melina agreed to return to the cliff one last time before the great battle.

“I wonder what will happen when this battle is over,” Animus thought aloud as he watched the setting sun.

“Maybe it’s ‘happily ever after’?” Melina suggested.

“Maybe. I’ve grown so fond of my abilities as a spirit warrior, it wouldn’t feel right to be normal again.”

“Maybe we’ll get to keep them.”

Animus turned toward Melina. “I love you, no matter what.”

Melina turned to look at Animus. “I love you, too.”

“Melina, have you thought about what you plan to do once this is all over?”

“Well, I kinda avoided thinking about it. I wasn’t nearly as happy back then. And then we met. I don’t want to return to my old life.”

“Then, I guess you wouldn’t mind me asking this question.” Animus knelt down on one knee to Melina and held out a small box. As he opened it, he spoke the words to Melina: “Will you marry me?”

Melina was breathless at the sight of this. To think they would be together forever was beyond her wildest dreams. She could be just as happy after the final battle, if not moreso. Finally, she made up her mind.

“Yes! I will!” At that moment, Animus and Melina kissed as the sun continued to set.

The day of the final battle arrived, and everyone gathered in the war room after brunch. The teleporter was in the room, ready to be activated at a moment’s notice. Dirk was tweaking the device to make sure it was communicating with the teleporter at Corrunderus’s lair.

“Dirk, are we ready?” Mentivis asked.

“Everything is all set. We should be able to return here via the teleporter at Corrunderus’s base.”

Mentivis turned toward Animus and Melina, who were holding hands. “Animus, Melina, are you both ready?”

“I say ‘Let’s do this!'” Animus proclaimed.

“I’m ready!” Melina chimed in.

“Then let’s go. It’s time to finish this war.”

All four warriors successfully teleported to Corrunderus’s lair. The place was dark and ruined, thanks to Animus’s previous trips. They entered the main hallway to find it deserted.

“Man, we really did wipe out the whole lot of ’em,” Dirk said.

“Something’s not right, here. The space station is far too small to hold the many demons we fought. Where else were they coming from?” Mentivis spoke.

“I guess we’ll get the answer from Corrunderus, himself,” Animus answered.

The warriors quietly approached the door to the bridge of the space station without any attacks from demons.

“This was too easy. What is Corrunderus planning?” Mentivis whispered.

“I hope it’s his funeral, because we’re going to end him hard,” Dirk answered.

Then Animus came up with an idea. “Maybe it’s best that we split up. Dirk and I can take on Corrunderus, while you and Melina search for any traps.”

“No. We’re going in together. Any lack of manpower can be a fatal mistake,” Mentivis answered.

“And I’d like to know why you’re not inviting me along. Not only am I a healer, but I’m also going to be your wife!” Melina shouted at Animus.

Mentivis quickly covered Melina’s mouth after that statement. “Darnit, Melina. Corrunderus probably knows we’re here, now. Shush!”

Melina slapped Mentivis’s hand off her mouth and just glared.

“I guess it’s settled. We all go in,” Dirk said. “Any more hesitation will just get us shaken up.”

The four warriors entered the bridge, where Corrunderus was waiting for them.

“Even without that girl’s help, I knew you were waiting behind that door. Experience agonizing pain and fear!” Corrunderus raised his scythe and began to charge toward the warriors.

Dirk, always enjoying a challenge, went up first. He quickly split his staff in two and swung around one end over his head. As soon as Corrunderus got close, Dirk threw the end of the staff at his scythe, causing it to wrap around and latch on. The leader of the demons struggled to get his scythe free, while at the same time, Mentivis and Animus flanked him on both sides. Mentivis fired ice shots, while Animus fired energy shots. As Corrunderus suffered under the attacks of Mentivis and Animus, his horns began to light up. Melina quickly knew that something was up and immediately shielded all of them as Corrunderus released thunder bolts from all directions.

Corrunderus felt that it was futile to pull his sycthe out of the grip of Dirk’s staff, so he charged toward him, causing Animus and Mentivis to accidentally hit each other with their own shots. Dirk retaliated by dashing right past Corrunderus, moving too fast for a counterattack. However, upon doing so, his staff unlatched from the scythe.

“All right everyone, concentrate all your firepower on him!” Mentivis shouted.

Animus held his arms out, gathering energy in his palms. “YUUKI…KOUSEN!” He brought his palms together to make a more powerful energy beam than his enerugikousen.

Dirk held out his hands in front of him to where the claws from his gloves looked like the teeth of a dragon. “Feel the power of the dragon’s roar! DRACOKOUSEN!” Immediately from his hands fired a powerful beam.

Mentivis brought his hands together and focused hard until an energy ball was formed in them. “MENTIKOUSEN!” Mentivis fired his own beam of energy at the demon.

Melina focused all four hands in front of her chest. “This is the power that comes from the heart! IKIKOUSEN!” Immediately, an intense beam of energy fired from her into the enemy.

The combination of all of these beams left Corrunderus weakened. But, as soon as the beams subsided, he quickly fired blasts of dark energy in every direction, hitting every warrior on the battlefield. All of the warriors were flung into walls behind them.

“You gotta be kidding me! What kind of demon can survive that?!” Animus shouted in amazement.

“A DEAD one!” Dirk got up and charged at Corrunderus. Corrunderus quickly swung with his scythe, preparing to decapitate Dirk. However, on excellent timing, Dirk stopped the scythe with one end of his staff. But before he could attack with the other end, Corrunderus fired a dark beam of energy at point blank, knocking him into another wall.

As Dirk was charging the demon, Mentivis readied another attack. As soon as Dirk was thrown into the wayside, Mentivis launched a spinning ball of energy around Corunderus. However, it was quickly destroyed by a swing from Corrunderus’s staff.

But as Mentivis was distracting Corrunderus, Animus readied his own attack. “CLUSTER BLAST!” Animus launched a powerful ball of energy at Corrunderus. As it made contact with Corrunderus, it exploded, but Corrunderus appeared unscathed.

“To be fair, I couldn’t use a really powerful one in this sort of place,” Animus sighed.

“Any more plans, Mentivis?” Dirk called from the corner.

“One more plan!” Mentivis answered. “Weapons ready!” Mentivis used telekinesis on his staff and surrounded it with ice needles. Animus focused his power into his sword, causing it to glow. Dirk put his staff back together and prepared for another dash attack. Melina held her staff high above her.

A powerful beam was released from Melina’s staff and paralyzed Corrunderus, while Mentivis launched his staff in his direction. Animus followed up by releasing powerful energy waves from slashing with his sword. After the other three were done, Dirk charged at Corrunderus one last time, piercing his body armor with his staff.

“All right! Fatal blow!” Dirk cheered.

“Not yet, fool.” Corrunderus blasted Dirk away and removed the staff from his chest.

“How can you still be fighting?!” Animus shouted in amazement.

“I am not like those weaklings you defeated with little effort. I am a veteran of innumerable wars. If that is all the effort you can muster, then this battle has ended for you.”

“D…darn it!!!” Dirk shouted in pain as Melina hurried over to heal him.

Animus and Mentivis went in to strike Corrunderus with their weapons while evading the swings of his scythe. However, both were thrown toward Melina and Dirk.

“Enough toying around. I’ll destroy you, along with this space station!” Corrunderus held out his arms and began to glow in a dark aura.

“Animus, I have an idea, but it will require a split in manpower. Dirk and I are going to find the control room and activate the self-destruct mechanism on this thing,” Mentivis said.

“How do you know there’s a self-destruct mechanism?” Animus asked.

“This was a government project at one point. If it was in danger of falling into enemy hands, one man would stand by to activate it. However, this had been abandoned for supposedly unknown reasons.”

“How do we know if it will work?”

“That’s what I haven’t worked out yet. Presumably, even demons can’t survive the vacuum of space. That’s why the teleporter was required. I’m hoping it works on Corrunderus.”

“So then all Melina and I have to do is stall him.”

“Yes,” Mentivis answered. “Get ready! He’s just about done changing!”

Mentivis and Dirk left the bridge, while Animus and Melina stayed behind to engage the now much larger and scarier Corrunderus, who can now barely fit inside the bridge.

Animus turned toward Melina. “Melina, go with them! If I lose you, it won’t matter if I win!”

“Are you crazy?!” Melina shouted. “Don’t you think it would be the same thing for me?!”

“Just run! I’ll be fine!” Animus shouted harder.

“…” Tears streamed down Melina’s face. “Idiot! Fine! I’m leaving!” Melina ran out of the bridge still in tears.

“Aren’t you a sweetheart?” Corrunderus sneered. “I’ll take care of your friends later. Let’s see if you can survive the same vacuum of space you once dove to earth through.” Corrunderus stretched his arms and legs out and destroyed the bridge around him, causing the air to be sucked into the void of space. Animus found something to hold onto and held it as tight as he possibly can to avoid getting sucked away. However, he was losing air fast. All of a sudden, a celestial being appeared and shielded him with an oxygen bubble. Though, Animus still could not stand a chance against the more powerful Corrunderus.

“How can you possibly breathe?!” Animus called to Corrunderus. “There’s no way you can survive!”

“You humans always need an explanation for everything. You thought we could not survive in space. If we couldn’t, we would not have gotten here in the first place. The teleporter was merely used to make sure my henchmen attacked in the target area.”

Meanwhile, Melina was still running to find where Mentivis and Dirk had gone. Two celestial beings appeared before her.

“Return to Animus. He needs your help.”

“He doesn’t need me! He wants to do it by himself!” Melina answered in frustration. Another two celestial beings appeared before her.

“Corrunderus will win if you do not hurry. Mentivis’s plan will fail.”

“Huh?!” Melina reacted in surprise.

“Go. We will aid you.”

Melina ran back to the bridge to help Animus. Around that time, Dirk and Mentivis made it to the control room.

“Ok, Dirk, I assume you know what to do here.”

“Boy, do I!” Dirk exclaimed. “I can set this space station to make me a pizza if I wanted.”

“Just set it to self-destruct. I’ll use telepathy to let Animus know we’ve arrived.

Back on the bridge, Animus was struggling to keep his grip. Suddenly, Melina returned, and two celestial beings have grabbed on to her to keep her from getting sucked into space. They also created an oxygen barrier around her for protection. The remaining two celestial beings assisted the one helping Animus by holding his feet firmly on the ground.

“Melina,” one of the beings called. “Hold up your staff and lend all of your power to Animus. Once he has regained his strength, focus your energy to make a shield for him.”

Melina did as she was told and gave her power to Animus.

“Now, Animus. Prepare to be let go. Strengthen your sword with all your power.”

Animus put all his power into his sword. Once it hit its peak, Animus was launched toward Corrunderus, aided by the vacuum of space.

“No! Even if you destroy me, you cannot avoid your fates!” Corrunderus yelled as Animus got closer toward him.

“For everyone who suffered by your hand. For Melina. For my Lord! I will destroy you!” Animus yelled as he swung downward with his sword. As he swung his sword, a powerful beam three times the length of Corrunderus emanated from the sword’s tip. As the beam went downward, it cleaved Corrunderus in two, utterly destroying him and vanishing into a large puff of black and purple smoke. The two celestial beings who released him came to hold him again to bring him back to the space station.

After Animus and Melina left the bridge, the celestial beings departed by unknown means and were not seen again. An alarm suddenly went off throughout the station.


“He’s done it. We must meet up with them!” Animus told Melina. However, it had not even been a minute before Dirk and Mentivis arrived to meet with them.

“Don’t think we didn’t get to see ol’ big an’ ugly while you were off fighting him! Nice work, Animus!” Dirk exclaimed joyfully.

“No time to celebrate, yet. Let’s get out of here!” Mentivis called to the other warriors. They immediately ran toward the teleporter and escaped.

The warriors finally found themselves back in the war room in their base. Animus and Melina were about ready to pass out from all the energy they used up.

“We did it. It’s finally over.” Mentivis said to himself.

“All right! Let’s break out the festivities and party all night long!” Dirk yelled out.

“Dirk, I think we ought to wait until those two lovebirds wake up, first.” Mentivis motioned Dirk to look down to find Animus and Melina sleeping on the ground in front of them.

A moment later, when Animus and Melina were awake again, they gathered together in the war room to celebrate their victory. Suddenly, a voice called out to each of them.

“Well done, brave warriors. You have crippled the enemy’s plans. They no longer have the numbers to cause devastation to our army in the final battle. Not only that, you have severely weakened their morale by winning even the most difficult battles with just the four of you.”

“The final battle? You mean there’s more?” Dirk asked.

“Armageddon. But that will not be for a while. You may keep your powers for your enjoyment, so long as you don’t misuse them.”

Shortly after, Animus and Melina finally got married. They moved out of the base to enjoy a home of their own. Dirk and Mentivis, now close friends, stayed in the base to keep it tidy. Occasionally, they would visit each other and catch up on things that had gone by since. Dirk and Mentivis had been looking for their own “special someones”, as well, and later, finally found them. Some time later, Mentivis moved out of the base and left it at the hands of Dirk and his new wife. Unknown to the Spirit Warriors, however, their actions and Corrunderus’s deception will, in a few years, cost them their lives to humans who have wrongly accused them of war crimes and possessing WMDs, which were never found. It was shortly after that the world began to move into a new age, led by the Devil, himself. However, as the spirit warriors all know, his war was already decided by their victory over Corrunderus.


Chapter 7: Battles Begin with the Mind

September 21, 2010

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve done anything on this blog. Anyway, Chapter 7 covers some of the backstory behind the four warriors. This chapter was done over a month ago. However, I never put it up until now.

Chapter 7: Battles Begin with the Mind

Nearly a month had passed since the second escape. The warriors had gathered in the War Room to discuss the future of the base. However, Mentivis was absent from the meeting.

“Well, this is it. In a couple days, we’ll be left without a base,” Animus sighed.

“At least we’ll still be able to defend the people,” Melina replied.

“The same people who hate us? The same people who are going to destroy the base? The same people who want to kill us just as badly as the demons? I’m almost ready to throw in the towel, here. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t,” Dirk angrily responded, losing his cool in the midst of all the problems.

“I’ll give you that reason, Dirk,” Mentivis answered as he walked into the War Room holding an envelope.

“Convince me.”

Mentivis walked to the table, slapped the envelope down, and slid it towards Dirk, who then opened it up and read it. However, as he read the letter, a couple tears were seen going down his face.

“I need to be excused.” Upon saying this, Dirk got up and quickly ran out of the room.

“What was that all about?” Melina asked.

“I never thought I’d see someone as proud as he cry like that,” Animus pointed out, feeling sympathetic for Dirk.

“The base is ours,” Mentivis began to explain. “Apparently, the destruction of the base was meant to be top secret, but someone leaked the information to people who cared about us. Many people around the world started protests and marches, and it was more than enough for the Alliance of Nations to repeal the previous letter. Some people within the AON were arrested for publicizing confidential documents. In short, we’re off the hook.”

“That’s incredible, Mentivis! Isn’t this awesome, Melina?!” Animus shouted. Without a word, Melina got up, ran towards Mentivis, and gave him a big hug.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Mentivis was slightly puzzled. “I don’t have anything to do with this. I was only sending a message.”

“Yes!” Melina answered. “That’s why I’m thanking you!”

A short time later, Mentivis went to Dirk’s room to find him lying in bed with his face on the pillow.

“Dirk, uhmm… I’m sorry if I’ve done anything wrong.”

Dirk slowly picked his head up and turned towards Mentivis. It was easy to tell that Dirk had been crying a lot, because it looked like his face was wet all over. “You don’t need to apologize, Mentivis. I was foolish. I was thinking there was just no more good people in the world. When you showed me the letter, I realized how wrong I was, and for that, I am ashamed of myself for what I said.”

“It wasn’t much easier for us, either. When the side you’re defending and the side you’re fighting both hate you, it’s pretty much being caught between a rock and a hard place. Even though we’re warriors, we’re still just as human as we were before then. Strength does not keep us from falling. It helps us get back up when we do fall.” Realizing that Dirk was still quite broken from earlier, Mentivis decided to change the subject. “Hey, uhmm, how about we play some Halo? If you beat me, I’m buying tonight’s dinner, your choice.”

Dirk quickly got up. “Wait, what about Animus and Melina?”

“They’re going out to dinner, tonight. It’ll just be the two of us for a while.”

“Ok then, let’s go! I’m so going to dominate that match!” Dirk proudly replied as he and Mentivis went to the big room.

The following week, Dirk and Mentivis decided to build a teleporter that will bring them to Corrunderus.

“Dirk, do you still have the wave frequency from a month ago?” Mentivis asked.

“Yep. I had the data saved and everything. However, it’ll take a while for me to figure out exactly how to build one. I mean, I don’t know the first thing about making a teleporter.”

Mentivis sighed, but suddenly had an idea. “I say it’s time to make a few trips to the library.”

As they passed the big room on the way to the entrance, they met Animus and Melina, who were playing a video game together.

“Animus, Melina, we’re heading to the library to find some info on building teleporters,” Mentivis said.

Animus turned around a moment and asked, “Need me to help you with that?”

“No thanks. Dirk and I will handle things.”

“Well, good luck, then,” Melina said with a smile.

They travelled to the library, being careful not to be noticed by the people of the surrounding city. As they got to the library, Dirk noticed the vastness of the building.

“(Wow, this looks like it could be twice as big as the base or so,)” Dirk thought to himself.

They continued into the library and began to search for books that may help them build the teleporter. However, something else was on Dirk’s mind.

“Chad,” Dirk began to ask Mentivis. As the warriors lived in the base, Animus and Mentivis shared their real names to the others, so that when they went out in public, Dirk and Melina knew how to address them without arousing suspicion. “I’ve been thinking about Keith and Melina lately. You just never see them apart, anymore. You think they will eventually…”

“Marry?” Chad interrupted. “I can imagine they will. Their hearts are so connected to each other, if one of them gets hurt, both of them feel the pain.”

“I’ve never seen any other married couple be that close to each other. Could it be because they are… you know,” Dirk asked, trying to be careful of his words.

“No, it’s not because of that. Keith and Melina have gotten rid of their selfish desires in the past. They live solely for the Lord and for each other. They have created an environment within them where true love can blossom to its full potential. Such a bond is rare, nowadays.”

Dirk felt puzzled for a moment. “I kinda have trouble understanding all of this. Can you make it a bit simpler?”

“Well, in this world, there are two sides to every coin. Where one side is true, the other side is counterfeit. In this case, it’s love. So the counterfeit is what, Dirk?”

“Lust. But what does that have to do with anything?”

Chad continued. “The devil had placed counterfeits to nearly every truth that exists. Some people think they are falling in love, when it is really lust. The only way to discern the truth from the counterfeit is through the Spirit. I think we’ve spent too much time on the subject, though. We need to return to those books.”

Months have passed, and Dirk and Mentivis had begun work on the teleporter, having acquired enough knowledge.

“I have to hand it to you, Mentivis. This is just incredible. There would’ve been no way I could’ve done this without you.”

“Well, when two minds work together, amazing things can happen. Now that we have the blueprints done, what do we need to start building?”

Dirk looked through the blueprints to see if there was anything that needed to be retrieved. “Ah, here we go. We’ll need some onyx.”

“Onyx? Isn’t that meant for jewelry?”

“Yes, but I am looking for black onyx. I’ve been testing the wave frequency on various kinds of minerals, but it seemed to react to black onyx in a special way. The waves seemed to attach itself onto the black onyx and slide across it. I can make a funnel out of the black onyx to condense the waves together, making travel by particle-wave so much easier. You can find black onyx in the southern continent. However, Spirit Warriors are not allowed on that continent. I’m sure you’ll be able to retrieve the onyx with no problem, though.”

“Ok, I’ll go ahead and retrieve it. Oh, by the way, where are Animus and Melina?”

“They went to their special spot again. They won’t tell me where it is, though.”

During that day, Mentivis went undercover in the southern continent to retrieve the onyx. He wore his normal clothing as he got information and eventually obtained the onyx in one of the caves. As soon as he left the southern continent, he was walking through a forest and suddenly got knocked down from behind, causing the onyx to fly out of his hand and onto the ground, where a demon appeared to pick it up.

“You will not return with this onyx,” the demon said. Suddenly, four more demons appeared around Mentivis.

“You’re too late. I’ve already crossed the border. I can transform into a spirit warrior without fear of retaliation.” Mentivis raised his right hand up and was surrounded in a veil of light. The light gathered onto his hand to form into a bo staff. He emerged from the light in his mixture of light armor and tan and purple cloths. “I won’t be leaving without that onyx,” Mentivis calmly stated.

“Very well. Attack!” The demon with the onyx motioned the others to attack Mentivis. Mentivis propelled himself upward with his staff as the demons lunged toward him. As they followed him upward, he let loose a few energy shots. He then charged his staff with ice and threw it downward, making it spin horizontally with his mind. As the demons collided with the staff, they were hurled in different directions and fell to the ground, becoming dark clouds of smoke. The staff returned to Mentivis’s hand, and he descended to the ground, confronting the demon with the onyx.

“Return the onyx or face defeat.”

“I am always a step ahead of you.” The demon unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Mentivis.

“(The hilt is oddly-shaped. That would mean…)” Mentivis quickly jumped to the side, dodging a surprise attack from the sword, whose blade was attached to a long chain. The blade quickly recoiled back to its hilt. The demon fired his blade again, and Mentivis quickly dodged and knocked it down with his staff. However, the blade was now coiled around the staff, restricting it from retracting. As the demon attempted to pull Mentivis’s staff from him, Mentivis charged his staff with electricity, causing the blade to become electrified, along with the demon.

“Aaaargh!” The demon screamed as he vanished into a dark cloud of smoke, along with his weapon. Mentivis picked up the onyx and continued back to the base.

“So, you got this back from a demon?” Dirk asked as he examined the onyx. “This must be the right kind, then. Let’s go ahead and put it in the device.”

“Dinner!” Melina shouted from downstairs.

“We’ll just have to try it tomorrow, then,” Dirk said to Mentivis as they got ready for dinner.

Later that night, after the Spirit Warriors have turned in for the day, Mentivis began to dream of himself with his parents. They were hiking on a mountain trail to reach a waterfall on the other end.

“Ahh, this mountain air is refreshing. We need to do another vacation like this next summer,” said Mentivis’s dad.

“Maybe we should move a little closer to the mountains. This is a good way for you and Chad to have some father-son time,” replied Mentivis’s mom. Then she turned to Chad. “Besides, Chad, you need some outside time, anyway. It seems like all you ever do nowadays is stay in your room and read. Chad, are you paying attention?”

Mentivis suddenly broke from his daydreaming. “Uhh… Yeah. Outside. I like that. (Everything feels so real. I don’t understand.)” Mentivis heard some odd sounds coming from above him as he stood still, his parents slowly moving away from him, and he looked up. “(Boulders!) MOM! DAD! LOOK OUT!” But he was too late. In a split second, the boulders were about to crush his parents, and they would not have enough time to move aside. “NO!!” All of a sudden, the boulders stopped in mid-air, and Mentivis found himself wearing his Spirit Warrior attire. His hands were in front of him as he used his mind powers to move the boulders away from his parents. “Now I know what’s going on! I’m Mentivis, the Spirit Warrior of the mind. I can control my actions in my dreams!” Suddenly, a figure jumped from a mountain ledge onto the ground between him and his parents and revealed himself to be a demon.

“Curse you, meddling warrior! But your friends won’t be so fortunate!” Suddenly, everything faded away. His parents, the mountain, everything had disappeared, and all that’s left was a mix of red and black all around.

“My friends… What is going on?! Tell me!” Mentivis yelled at the demon in anger.

“I will never tell you! Now prepare to die!” The demon unsheathed his sword and flew towards Mentivis, who quickly jumped up fired several energy shots at his sword. The demon’s sword was knocked out of his hand after a few hits, and Mentivis moved in subdued the demon with his staff.

“Tell me what is happening with my friends!” Mentivis ordered.

“I… will never tell you!” the demon swore.

“There are other ways for me to find out.” Mentivis began to read the demon’s mind and found out that his friends are getting the same nightmares. “So, my friends are also having these nightmares, then. Thanks for the info, demon.”

“No! How could you?!” The demon couldn’t say any more when Mentivis impaled the demon with his bo staff. As soon as the demon was impaled, he disappeared into a black mist.

Mentivis suddenly found himself awake in his bed at the base. “I need to check the others!” He quickly ran to Melina’s bedroom, which was next door, and found her in her bed, sleeping. However, she was pale and sweating all over her face. “I’ll need to enter their minds and save them from whatever is going on. I hope they’re all right.” Mentivis closed his eyes and focused deeply, so that his consciousness could enter Melina’s mind.

Melina found herself in a mysterious, yet familiar, apartment. There was a shadowy young man with her, and he began to speak.

“Melina, you’re the most attractive woman I have ever known. Come, sleep with me.”

Upon hearing this, Melina’s heart began to race and began to stutter. “N… No… I shouldn’t…”

The shadowy young man quickly grabbed her by the wrists. “You WILL, and you will ENJOY every minute of it!”

“No! Get away!” Melina kicked the man in the chest, loosening his grip on her. She bolted for the door, but to her horror, it was locked.

“Oh no! Someone! Anyone! Help!”

“RRRAGHHHH!!!” Mentivis suddenly broke through the apartment window, glass flying everywhere. “GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER, DEMON!”

“What are you doing here?!” No sooner did the man shout than Mentivis leapt forward and slammed his bo staff down on him. As soon as he hit the ground, the man’s form turned into that of a demon, who only showed his true form seconds before he disappeared into black mist.

“Melina, wake up. You’re having a nightmare,” Mentivis told Melina in the dream. All of a sudden, both of them found themselves back at the base.

“Wha… Mentivis? What happened?” Melina asked, still drowsy from her sleep.

“I’ll tell you later. I need to go rescue the others.” Mentivis quickly ran out of her room and went to Dirk’s room, where he found him in the same condition as Melina. Mentivis closed his eyes and deeply concentrated on Dirk’s mind, as his consciousness began to enter the dream.

Dirk appeared in what looked like a fraternity club. His face was hot as he argued with someone, who appeared the be the leader of the group.

“Why did you sabotage my machine?! It could’ve revolutionized cyberspace travelling! It could’ve drawn many people to the club! What gives, man?!” Dirk yelled at the leader.

“I own this science club. No one outdoes me in this campus. You would’ve had all the money and left the rest of us with nothing,” he coldly replied.

“What?! You fool! Do you even realize what you’ve done?!” All of a sudden, Dirk felt a blow to the back of his head and fell to the floor.

“No one speaks to the leader of the science club like that!” another man shouted from behind. All of a sudden, Icegra shots appeared from out of nowhere and struck the people in the club.

“Money is the root of all evil, or was that your intention, demon?” Mentivis suddenly appeared before the leader.

“You don’t belong here!” The demon began to point to Mentivis. “Get him!” All of a sudden, the people of the club changed into demons, and they all launched at Mentivis. However, Mentivis countered by firing large volleys of Icegra shots, destroying all the demons that went to attack him.

“Your turn, next.” Mentivis charged his staff with ice power and impaled the leader of the demons, causing him to disappear into black mist. His attention then turned to Dirk, lying there on the ground.

“Dirk, wake up. This isn’t real. You’re having a nightmare,” he said as he knelt next to him. All of a sudden, he and Dirk found themselves back at the base.

“Ugh, what was that? And why do I have such a headache?” Dirk asked, drowsily.

“I’ll explain later. I need to rescue Animus.” Mentivis then left for Animus’s room, where he found him in the same condition.

“Hang on, I’m coming.” Mentivis focused deeply into Animus’s mind and carried his consciousness into his dream.

“Well, just one more class and I’ll be heading home for the day. As awesome as learning about supply and demand is, I’m looking forward to a well-deserved nap,” Animus thought to himself as he walked to the University Center for lunch. Animus bought his sandwich – a footlong italian meat sub with honey mustard – and sat down at the table he felt most comfortable sitting at. Suddenly, there was a loud bang coming from behind him, along with screams. No sooner did Animus attempt to look behind him when he was jerked up from his chair with his left arm held to his back and a gun to the side of his forehead.

“Don’t anybody move, unless you’re willing to lose a classmate!” yelled the gunman. Animus stood there, petrified, afraid to make a move in the face of death.

“(Where’s the police when you need them? In seconds, this guy will pull the trigger, and that’ll be the end for me,)” Animus silently panicked in his mind. All of a sudden, the gunman was struck in the back of the head by a bo staff and fell to the ground, losing his grip on Animus.

“You go so far as to touch one of my friends like that, demon, I’ll rip you apart!” Mentivis appeared from out of nowhere.

“You meddling warrior! I’ll finish you here and now!” the gunman said as he transformed into a demon as he slowly got up.

Mentivis lunged at the demon and froze him in a powerful Icegra blast. Immediately, he struck the frozen demon with his staff, shattering him to pieces. Animus was stunned by the entire situation, as Mentivis turned to him and spoke.

“Animus, wake up. This is only a dream, created by the demons.”

The two warriors found themselves back at the base.

“What just happened?” Animus asked. Dirk and Melina also came to his room, wondering what was going on. Mentivis began to explain to everyone.

“Somehow, demons entered our dreams and tried to destroy our subconscious. Fortunately, I had the ability to control the dreams and defeat the demons inside.”

“But where did they come from?” Dirk asked.

“Oh crud!” Mentivis facepalmed. “I was so focused on saving you guys, I forgot to see if the demons had any information on where they came from. I’m sorry, guys.”

“They came from the onyx,” Animus suddenly spoke. The other warriors turned to him in surprise.

“How would you know that?” Mentivis asked.

“I was told by the Spirit where we would find the source,” he replied.

“The gift of prophecy. I didn’t know you were able to prophesy, Animus,” Dirk said in response.

“Then let’s go! The sooner we check that onyx, the better!” Mentivis and the others ran into Dirk’s lab, where the onyx lay.

“Let’s all touch the onyx. I’ll pray.” Everyone touched the onyx and closed their eyes. “Lord, I thank you for being our provider and our strength when we are weak. I ask that this onyx be cleansed in your name, that it will no longer be a vessel for demonic forces.”

As they warriors opened their eyes, the onyx began to glow for a second.

“It’s done,” Animus said. When they removed their hands from the onyx, a Great Deed Medallion appeared in front of each warrior. As they grasped their seventh medallion, they knew that the time was near.

Chapter 6: United, They Stand

June 9, 2010

Yeah, I’m over a week late with this chapter. Unfortunately, it will be my last chapter for a while, as it has been months since I last worked on Chapter 7.

While I’m on the subject, I wish I had the talent to make these chapters as flash animations, but unfortunately, I do not.

Chapter 6: United, They Stand

“Ok, it’s time to finish this!” Animus shouted as he battled a strange foe in a familiar arena. He stood on one end of the battlefield and began to raise his hands in the air, gathering energy for the final blow.


The monster facing him also began to draw energy, holding his hands to his waist, also drawing energy. “KA… ME… HA… ME…”

Animus then put his right leg back and lowered his hands, facing his glowing palms towards the demon. Suddenly, he made a shout that let off a huge burst of energy toward the foe. “KOUSEN!”

“HA!!!” The monster responded, firing energy toward Animus with his palms. The two energy beams collided with each other and struggled to overpower each other.

“(Ok, just hang in there, Animus. Eventually, he’ll wear out.)” Animus thought to himself as he continued releasing energy towards the monster. Eventually, Animus’s Enerugikousen began to overpower the monster’s Kamehameha Wave when suddenly, the monster disappeared, and the surroundings went black.

“I need everyone to meet in the War Room immediately,” the intercom went off.

Animus removed his visor, released himself from the gyroscopic chamber, and quickly ran to the War Room, where the other three warriors were waiting for him. As soon as Animus sat down in his chair, Mentivis began to speak.

“Now that we are all here, I want everyone to listen carefully to what I have to say. I have been keeping up with the news and looking over our income for the past three months. We are rapidly losing our income, as some nations have stopped funding us and some nations went so far as to make laws against us coming into their territory.”

“(‘This is only the beginning. Your efforts to defend this planet are futile. The very people you are trying to defend will hate you. The more they know about you, the more they will hate. Do you really wish to carry this burden?’)” Remembering this, Animus’s face grew pale.

“Animus, what’s wrong? Are you sick?” Mentivis asked, not used to seeing him in this shape.

“While I was captured, Corrunderus showed me a video of a politician speaking out against us. It looks like it’s finally happening. They’re starting to hate us.”

The attention on Animus was interrupted by Dirk’s fist slamming onto the table. “Where’s the logic in all this? Would they rather be tortured by demons than be saved?!”

“Calm it, Dirk,” Mentivis interrupted. “If we’re going to react to this turn of events, we need to keep our minds at ease so we can think things through. Lately, Corrunderus had been targeting only us and used unconventional tactics to fight us. Demons attacked Animus during his coma. We have fought a demon that we couldn’t physically touch. The fact that he’s not targeting other people anymore is making our battles look staged.”

“So, what can we do to keep ourselves from getting caught between a rock and a hard place?” Animus asked.

Mentivis made an answer that none of the Spirit Warriors, including himself, was prepared for. “We disband.”

“Disband? We’re breaking up? Why?” Melina asked Mentivis.

“Disband?! Do you mean we’re just going to give up?!” Dirk shouted.

“I can’t just leave the rest of the team. It would hurt me to make such a decision. We’ve been through too much, together!” Animus replied, as well.

“Everyone, COOL IT!” Mentivis shouted. At once, everyone stopped talking and made sure not to say anything until Mentivis finished speaking.

“Look, we have five Great Deed medallions, so far. The fighting won’t be over until we obtain the other three. It’s not like we won’t see each other anymore. We will still fight demons. We just have to take a couple steps back so we have something to return to in case we eventually lose the base. We’ll need to get back to the lives we used to have. After all, we need to progress as normal people, as well. We have college, careers, and families to look forward to. If we don’t establish this while we have the opportunity, we may not be able to resume our normal lives later on. Now, are we on the same page in all of this?”

“I have a favor to ask. Since I did make the plans for this base, and since I don’t have a home to return to, I was wondering if I can still make this place my home,” Dirk asked.

“As long as it doesn’t use up too much of the money we have left, then it’s fine,” Mentivis answered.

“I think we’re all clear on the matter. I’ll return to college and resume pursuing a career in teaching. But, it won’t feel the same, though, after all of this has happened,” Animus stated, though without the smile he usually has.

After the meeting was over, the warriors exchanged good-byes and left for their former homes. Mentivis and Melina returned to their home in Vorca City, while Animus rented a new apartment in Terto City.

As the days passed in his new apartment, Animus began to grow bored and restless. Being on his own again after such a long time did not feel the same to him after having many great experiences with his fellow warriors. One night, he just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ugh. At this rate, I’ll end up having my days and nights mixed up. I need to go outside for some fresh air.”

As Animus walked toward the door to the balcony, a thought came to his mind.

“I want to go back to that cliff. It’s so quiet and peaceful over there, and maybe it’ll help me relax.”

Animus arrived at the cliff with a sleeping bag and a flashlight. Once he was done setting up his sleeping bag, he sat down on it and began to rest his mind. However, memories of Melina poured into his mind, keeping him from feeling the least bit drowsy.

“(I’ll visit her tomorrow, I promise,)” Animus thought as he tried to sleep under the stars. A few hours later, he awoke at the sound of footsteps in the grass. He grabbed his flashlight and pointed it at the direction of the sound to find Melina, standing in front of him.

“Melina, what are you doing out here? I thought you were with Mentivis.”

Melina replied, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I kept getting memories of us on this cliff, and I came here to try to relax.”

“Something tells me that this was not a coincidence,” said Animus, still a little surprised by Melina’s visit. “I was going to visit you tomorrow morning, but since you’re here, I guess we can spend some time watching the stars together if you like.”

“As long as I’m next to you, Animus. I missed you so much in the past few days.” The two began to watch the stars far above the cliff.

“Melina, I don’t think I’ve told you this before, but I’ve been thinking about you since long before we met.”

“But, how could you think of me if we never met?” Melina asked, puzzled.

“I’ve been praying to meet you for years. I’ve even typed on my computer the kind of girl I imagined you to be. I said to the Lord, ‘If there’s anything in this description that I really want to come true, it would be that your favorite color is orange.’ I just could not get over how much I wanted to see that come true.”

Melina was surprised to hear this. “Wow, you’re absolutely right. My favorite color IS orange!”

“Not only that,” Animus continued, “But I have seen other parts of the description come true, as well. You have beautiful straight brown hair that appears to shine orange in the sun. Your eyes are a beautiful brown, like mine. You are a bit shy, but your heart is very strong. And how much you love to serve the Lord just blows me away. It was as if He took my description and molded it into a dazzling young woman.”

Melina was so entranced by what Animus told her, she could only speak these four words: “I love you, Animus.”

“I love you too, Melina,” Animus replied.

The two continued to stare at the night sky until the sun slowly rose.

“Melina, is it ok if we meet here again tonight?”

Upon hearing this, Melina let out a big smile. “Yes, Animus. Absolutely!”

The next morning, Animus headed off to former base of the Spirit Warriors to pay Dirk a visit. When he arrived, he found the place to be strangely empty.

“(He’s probably working a bit more on the simulator,)” Animus thought. However, when he went to the simulator room, he did not find Dirk, but the power to the room was completely shut off. “(Man, I never thought I’d see the simulator room like this. I’d better check the War Room. It’s the only place left.)”

Animus proceeded to the basement, where he found Dirk sitting with his head tucked between his folded arms at the table. “Dirk, it’s me, Animus. Is everything ok?”

Dirk slowly raised his head and looked toward Animus. On the table was a letter. He placed his hand on the letter and slid it across the table toward Animus. “Take a look at this,” he said, with an obvious expression of discouragement from his face.

“What’s this?” Animus picked up the letter and read it.

By the order of the Alliance of Nations, this base has been deemed a threat to the security of the majority of the participating nations and is to be dismantled by its owners within one month. If this order is not complied, troops will be dispatched on site to destroy the base and eliminate its owners.

“How long ago was this mail sent?” Animus asked Dirk while trying to hold back his anger.

“Yesterday. It looks like we’ll be back to square one,” Dirk replied.

“I don’t know. Let me go deliver this to Mentivis. He might have an idea on how to rectify this situation.” Animus took the letter and flew from the base to the home of Mentivis and Melina in Vorca City. When he rang the doorbell, Mentivis answered the door.

“Animus, I’m so glad to see you. Melina just talks non-stop about you. So, what brings you here?”

Animus smiled to see Mentivis again, but his smile quickly disappeared when it came time for him to show the letter. “Dirk received this in the mail, yesterday. It looks like we have a real problem on our hands.”

As Mentivis silently read the letter, sweat poured down his face. Once he was through, he calmly handed the letter back to Animus. “The hole just keeps getting deeper, doesn’t it?”

“I was wondering if you may have an idea on how to fix this situation,” Animus said.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do at the moment. However, I’ll try to think of a solution. I’ll let you know as soon as I can think of one,” Mentivis replied.

Later that night, Animus returned to the same cliff from last night. Shortly after he arrived, he saw Melina flying towards him from his left.

“Animus!” Melina quickly flew into Animus’s arms, giving him a big hug.

“Melina, it’s so wonderful to see you again.”

“I was thinking of what you told me, last night, about before you met me. I have something I want to share, as well. Before we met, on some nights, I heard a voice, telling me to pray for my future husband. It sounded like he was in trouble, so every night, I prayed for him.”

Animus was amazed to hear this news. “Melina, I have something to say, as well. On some nights, when I was attacked by lust, I asked my Lord to send a messenger angel to my future wife to tell her to pray for me. It sounds like my messages came through.”

Upon hearing this, Melina was so awestruck by this message, all she could do was hug Animus even more tightly than ever. All of a sudden, many dark figures appeared from all around them.

“Lord Corrunderus requests an audience with the two of you. You will join him tonight,” spoke one of the demons. All of a sudden, several demons swarmed the two warriors and bound them in strong metal chains and were knocked out.

After being in the midst of darkness for what seemed to be forever, Animus heard a voice.

“Wake up. It is time to meet the Demon Lord.”

Animus opened his eyes to find himself bound to the same wall as before. In front of him were as many as six demons. To his left was Melina, so stricken with fear, it looked like she would pass out at any moment. The demons unbound the two warriors from the wall. However, the chains were not removed. The demons escorted Animus and Melina to the same large room from before. There, Corrunderus stood at the other end, waiting for them.

“Welcome again, foolish clown. And welcome, naive girl. I could’ve left your fate to your own kind, but I wanted to have the pleasure of disposing of the two greatest threats to our plans.”

Melina was too scared to speak, but Animus managed to talk to the demon. “What are you doing to the people on Earth? What kind of brainwashing have you done to make them think we’re their enemies?”

“Brainwashing? There has been no brainwashing. These humans draw their own conclusions. Of course, I had to help them along. But, actually, you fools contibuted a lot to their beliefs.”

Animus attempted to violently shake off his chains, but it was no use. All Animus could do is angrily stare at the demon who had them shackled.

“I suppose you want to be free from those chains, now. You’ll be free from those chains, and your bodies, shortly,” Corrunderus continued as he began to raise his scythe. “Better yet, I want to see how you would react to see your loved one die right before your very eyes.” Corrunderus moved his scythe toward Melina when suddenly, Animus began to glow.

“Ahh, this will be interesting. I’ll get to kill you in the same form that you were when you killed Atraledo. Wait… that’s not it. What’s going on?”

The same spirit that arose from Animus against the invincible demon appeared once again to fight Corrunderus. The spirit unsheathed his sword and began to strike powerful blows against Corrunderus, who, with every blow, was steadily moving backwards. As Corrunderus and the spirit fought, Melina began to glow, as well. Her spirit arose and removed the shackles from the two warriors with no problem. As soon as they were released, Animus and Melina fell to the floor. Melina’s spirit joined the battle with Animus’s spirit as they continued to war against the powerful Corrunderus. However, during the battle, the two spirits began to merge together. The spirit looked very much like Animus’s spirit, but the other spirit’s daggers appeared on the sword’s hilt. When the spirit pointed his sword at Corrunderus, three beams fired from the sword and two daggers and encased Corrunderus in an energy shield. The spirit split back into two and returned to Animus’s and Melina’s bodies. Immediately, they got up and saw Corrunderus, trapped behind a shield of energy.

“What happened?” Animus asked, unaware of the events that had taken place.

“(There’s no time. You and Melina need to get out of here before the shield wears off,)” a thought appeared in his head.

“Melina, we need to get out of here. I know a way out.” Animus quickly grabbed Melina by the hand, and they both ran towards Animus’s former exit. However, on their way down the hallway, many demons were coming from that direction.

“Animus, look!” Melina shouted.

“Crud! We need to find another way out of here!” Animus turned around and ran with all his might back down the hallway, still firmly holding Melina’s hand. Down the hallway, they approached the door that led to a mysterious machine.

“What on earth is this?!” Animus asked as he examined the machine. After a few seconds of peering into the machine, he noticed a map of Earth with a set of coordinates. Below the map was a red button.

“Darnit, that still doesn’t tell me what this thing does!” Animus shouted.

“What about this, Animus? ‘Teleportation Device’,” Melina read on a part of the machine.

“This is a WHAT?!” Animus could not believe what he had heard. Suddenly, he could hear the demons coming closer. Without thinking, he hit the red button and shoved Melina into the machine. After a light on the wall flashed red three times, the light below it flashed green, and Melina disappeared from inside the machine.

“I sure hope this machine did what I thought it was supposed to do. Otherwise, I’m a dead man, in more ways than one,” Animus said to himself, breathing heavily and sweating almost uncontrollably. When he tried to press the button again, a buzz filled the room.

“Oh, what now?!” Suddenly, his eyes turned to a thermometer. Its numbers were red, but they were rapidly decreasing.

“Oh, I sure hope the machine cools down fast enough.” All of a sudden, the demons began to enter the room, one by one.

“Crud!” Animus held out his left arm and held it with his right arm. “CLUSTER BLAST!” Animus fired a powerful energy blast into the demons, causing the door to cave in. When Animus turned around to glance at the thermometer, the numbers decreased more slowly, but they were now white. Animus pushed the red button again and quickly went into the machine. As soon as the demons removed the rubble and entered the room, he was no longer in sight.

Meanwhile, Mentivis had been meditating in a secret place in a forest to the south of Vorca City.

“(I need to know the solution to this problem. If we don’t save the base, it’ll be that much harder for us to fight the demons.)”

“Aah!” came a familiar shout.

No sooner did Mentivis open his eyes than he found himself tackled by Melina, who seemed to appear from out of nowhere.

“Oof! What the…” But Mentivis was cut off by another familiar voice.

“Whoa!” Animus also appeared from nowhere and landed on top of both Melina and Mentivis, still on the ground. As soon as all three warriors got back on their feet, they turned around to find a demon also appearing from out of nowhere.

“Here they come!” Animus lunged forward to intercept the demon.

“What’s going on, here?!” Mentivis asked Melina, very confused.

Melina attempted to explain, “Well, you see, Animus and I got captured by the demons, and we met Corrunderus.”

“What?!” Mentivis interrupted, “You met him?! What happened?!”

“He was about to kill us, and we passed out. When we came to, he was surrounded in a force field, and we were hightailing it out of there. That’s when Animus stumbled upon a teleporter, and…”

“A teleporter!” Mentivis interrupted again. “That’s how they’re getting here. Hang on a moment. I’ll have Dirk scan this area for anything unusual.” Mentivis then telepathically communicated with Dirk. “(Dirk, I need you to use the computer to scan the area where we are. Look for anything that may have to do with teleports.)”

“(You got it, Mentivis. I’m on it.)” Dirk telepathically replied.

All of a sudden, more demons started to appear, one every few minutes.

“Drat! Melina, put up a barrier for us,” Mentivis told Melina as he rushed to assist Animus. Within minutes, there were no fewer than five demons on the battlefield. Even though the warriors were surrounded by a barrier, Melina was getting tired, and she was about to lose the barriers.

“Hey, is it just me, or did the demons stop appearing?” Animus asked Mentivis while concentrating on the demon he was fighting.

“It looks that way. Hang on a moment.” Mentivis then telepathically communicated to Dirk, “(Dirk, did you figure out what was going on?)”

“(Mentivis, you won’t believe this. The demons travelled to your location via a special wave frequency. I used the base’s satellite to release waves at the same frequency toward your location. It seems that the waves collided and have deflected in opposite directions.)”

“(That’s awesome, Dirk, but where are the original waves now headed?)”

“(It looks like they’ve left the planet, and… I have no clue after that.)”

Mentivis chuckled when he heard the news. “(Lost in space. Brilliant work, Dirk.)”

A few minutes passed before the warriors defeated the remaining demons. When the warriors headed back to the base to explain the preceding events, the sixth Great Deed medallion appeared to each one.